The main topic of my individual talk will be about living surroundings. In addition, I will give some pieces of advice how to live in a clean and healthy enviroment.

First, I would like to say that no human could stand being apart from enviroment becouse each of us is a part of the natural world. As you know, we are dependable from enviroment. There are people who prefer clean ones too but they ussually do not have time of desire too clean them, becouse it needs a lot of work. Moreover, in nowadays world people are destroying the earth. Rainforests are very dense, warm, wet forests. They are havens for millions of plants and animals. Rainforests are extremely important in the ecology of the Earth. The plants of the rainforest generate much of the Earth’s oxygen. Less and less oxygen is being produced. These plants are also very important to people in other ways; many are used in new drugs thhat fight disease and illness. Animals are losing their habitats as growing cities couse the countryside to disappear. Also forests are disappearing as trees are burt or cut down. What are more dangerous chemicals from factories are poured into oceans, ri

ivers and streams, killing fish. Ofcourse some scientists predict that climate change will lead to rising sea levels that will flood coastal areas; increased severe weather events such as hurricanes, droughts, and floods; increased infectious diseases in human populations; and extinction of many species. Ecosystems are communities of many species of organisms interacting with one another, such as in forests, oceans, deserts, and lakes. Ecosystems are complex and serve many important functions that are not fully understood by scientists. Unfortunately, human encroachment and pollution are causing significant damage to the world’s ecosystems. Given complexity of ecosystems and the interdependence of species, the full impact of the damage on the atmosphere, soil, and water is unknown. Human activities produce many sources off pollution in the air, water, and soil. Pollutants range from hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials that cause health problems and premature death in humans and other species, to solid wastes that do not readily decompose in the environment. Other substances that disrupt the activities of species, such as excessive light and noise, are also considered to be types of pollution.
The effects of pollution are often most easily observed in the reproductive cycles of humans and other animals. Much of na
ature is being disrupted and destroyed for agricultural purposes, industry, and urban development.
Thousands of species have become extinct, and thousands more are at risk of becoming extinct. Conservation organizations are working to preserve natural areas throughout the world. They value diverse ecosystems and species, and aim to establish reserves where endangered species will be protected in their natural habitats.
As a result, deseases spread more easily are many breathing problems. That`s why we should take some measures to protect our enviroment. The best solution to this problem would be enviromental education to everyone. Each of us must begin to accept personal responsibility for protection of enviroment and to improve it where necessary.
In conclusion I would like to say that doing what we can in protecting and improving our enviroment will help and improve the entire world.

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