What are the advantages and disadvantages of the passive forms of entertainment (e.g. TV, video, computer games, etc.) and active leisure (traveling, sports, hobbies, etc.)? Which one do you prefer and why?

Nowadays there are a lot of types of entertainment. Every person has different whishes and enjoyments, for this reason every person like different forms of entertainment. Some people like passive forms of entertainment, like watching TV or video, playing computer games or so on , others active leisure, for example trraveling, doing sports or having hobbies.

However passive and active forms of entertainment have advantages and some disadvantages.

The advantages of passive forms of entertainment are: firstly passive leisure doesn’t need a lot of strength, because you can just sit for ex. watch TV on your sofa. Secondly, you can spend your time at your home and socialize with your family. Last but not least good point of passive entertainment is that you have no spend a lot of money, this tyype of leisure is not expensive. However, it has some disadvantages. The main bad point of this kind of leisure, is that it is not good for your health to sit at your home, for ex. if you spend a lo

ot of time playing computer games, you could have some eyes problems. To my view, it has not other disadvantages.

The good points of active leisure are: firstly, this kind of entertainment is good for your health, for ex, doing sports. Also it helps to know us more about our world, like traveling or so on. To our dissatisfaction, active leisure has some disadvantages. To begin with, it needs some money, for ex. traveling. Moreover, it needs a lot of time.

I prefer both forms of entertainment. Sometimes I like watching TV, playing computer games, sometimes I like doing sports or going traveling. These things depend on my mood, so I can’t make strong decision.

In conclusion, I want to say that itt doesn’t matter what you like to do, it is important, that it should be interesting for you.

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