In today‘s fast moving world, one of the biggest problem is littering. Our environment is more and more polluting with litters and, to my mind, we should do something to solve this problem and save our planet from trashes.
Recently, I have read text about pollution problems In Great Britain and I strongly agree with the ideas raised in the text, because, like in other countries, more and more consumer products are over-packaging, even a single item is wrapped in pllastic, put in box, wrapped in cellophane and then put in a plastic carrier bag. People like just put these kind of the litters in the streets, countryside or beaches, and they do not think about the damage they do, because they think, that one litter does not make a lot of damage and it become like a habit. But if we understand, that only one rubbish put in rubbish bin can solve this problem, we could enjoy our clean annd safe environment. However, although millions of pound each year are spent cleaning rubbish, this alone cannot solve the problem.
Like in Great Britain and in other counties, littering is a problem in Lithuania. Littering causes a big damage for ou

ur environment, and the biggest problem is our environment pollution, like water, air pollution, which also can cause various problems for our health. Also litters damage an opinion about our cities and make them unattractive for tourists. And to my mind it is sad.
In my opinion, if we want solve this kind of problem, our government should fine people, who drop rubbish not in the places for rubbishes, for ex. in rubbish bins, dumpsters or in dumps. Government should fine people to pay a big sum of money or to do public works for litterlouts. I think, then people will understand about the damage, whish they do.
Moreover, a good way to solve this problem, is to teach young schoolchildren about thhe damage of littering. A school play really important role in fitting with litters, because if child is teached not to do something in the childhood, he will never to do that in the future, because he will know about importance of his actions. Two or less year ago, I took part in project, which has aim to clean our environment. It was organized by our school children. During the project we cleaned our city environment, we collected rubbishes and th
hen threw them away. I think, this project was the example for our society, how environment in Kursenai should be saved. And, I believe, if all people will do that, what we have done, our city would be more beautiful to live in.
Littering is a problem, which should be solved not in the future but now and if we want to enjoy our nice environment and uncial natural surroundings, we should think what we do.

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