There are lots of different kinds of entertainment and every person can choose most
suitable and entertaining for him. Entertainment is passive as watching TV, video or
playing computer games and active such as travelling, sports and hobbies. Anyway,
always choosing only one kind of entertainment can’t be the best way to spend your
free time but I prefer active entertainment to passive.

Firstly, active leasure such as hobbies, let improve yourself in some kind of
activity you really enjoy and you’re good at it, while sppending free time in front of
TV screen is the most primitive way of entertainment. What is more, almost all TV
programs are repeated again and again. I mean films shown on TV during celebrities
and other special days. Of course, some of them are really enjoyable and
entertaining, but I don’t think that watching the same film for some times can be
wery relaxing and joyfull.

Secondly, passive forms of entertainment can be harmful to your health. Especially
for children who are just crazy of playing coomputer games or watching cartoons shown
on TV. They prefer playing computer games or watching cartoons more than going to the
fresh air, even though exercising outside helps to feel happy and alert, frees from
tention and stress, helps to loose weight and bi

iutd muscles. Furthermore, while
watching TV they usually choose eating junk food as popcorns, chips, sandwitches and
other. So it’s not so strange that more and more children have to wear glasses, got
stomach diseases or overweight.

On the other hand, active leasure also has some disadvantages. Firstly, while
exercising you can hurt yourself like break arms or legs and spend much time in
hospital. Moreover, traveling and exercising is rather expencive even when you have
to buy sport equipment or pay member-(mokestis) while joining the gym.

All in all I’d like to say that people will always find the best way to spend their
free time and enjoy themselves and not pay any attention to its disadvantages.

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