Nowadays in Lithuania young people have a lot of serious problems, one of which is that a vast majority of the youth doesn’t feel happy, accurate and safe in their native land. They wish to leave their homes for the purpose to study or work in a foreign country. Concerning only individual interests, emigration may seem a really positive phenomenon. On the other hand, it is a threatening situation to whole nation and country.

According to a recent research, more than 411% of young people till the age of 24 are willing to move abroad. So naturally the question is: what could be the main reasons of such behaviour?

First of all, Lithuania’s economical condition is not very permanent and progressive. Due to this, the young who had just finished their studies, find quite difficult to get a well-paid and appropriate job. Usually they have no practice, too. On the contrary, highly developed countries propose a wide variety of different jobs. Apart from this, fooreign employers pay large sums of money always to keep their employees highly qualified and experienced, because the work of specialists is thought to be the most valuable. Those who are interested in rising up the stairs of career undoubtedly ch

hoose moving abroad.

Secondly, the social system of Lithuania is so favourable to asocial individuals, but somehow not beneficial to young families. When starting their own life, the newly-weds usually haven’t got enough savings. That’s why it is so complicated for them to rent a flat, grow children and lead a successful life. As a consequence, some young families emigrate because they want to guarantee their offsprings a prosperous and comfortable life.

What is more, democracy and cosmopolitan philosophy are expanding rapidly all over the world nowadays. In general, a big majority of young people want to visit other countries, feel the unique atmosphere of various nationalities. Obviously, it is an excellent experience and extremely valuable life lessons. Therefore it would be a wonderful gesture to come back home after several years spent abroad to practice the acquired knowledge in Lithuania.

In conclusion there are a lot of reasons for the youth emigration. Needless to say that the main cause is insufficiently guaranteed life conditions. Perhaps the most suitable solution to this serious problem could be much more attention from the government. As far as I am concerned, country’s economical stability most depends on the amount of honestly working, paying taxes citizens. Due to

o this it is so important to keep young people in the state by giving them the best possibilities to build their future in Lithuania.

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