Economical problems of Lithuania

Lithuania is a young country and as every young nation state it has its own plights and predicaments, such as economical circumstances, psychological conditions and sociological pressure from all kinds of laws & regulations. But some of them are really very tricky to handle and even with the proper help of the other countries (even such as Russia, USA, Germany) it is usually always a false attempt. One of the main problems of our beloved country is that its leaders cannot make a wise decision on anything. Each time a new question unbolts they usually blow everything to smithereens by quarrelling and settling on the same question as ever: “who has to take a bigger piece of a cake”. It’s a pity that the political career is much more important for the ruling part of our nation than the nation itself. Maybe it will change in the nearest future but still as a fact it will never disappear and the poisoning of Lithuania and its citizens (mainly us) will still be in order. The next quandary would probably be corruption, and though it is rather impossible to eliminate it (maybe because it became one of the accelerators of our everyday live as well), we have to minimize this evil as much as possible. By the way, in our country corruption stands head a head with another tremendous difficulty – bureaucratizes. And surely most of the people will undoubtedly respond to this with an argument of their own saying that it is the main source of all troubles in our newly baked republic. And the last but not the least setback in our modern society is our laziness. We are truly the most patient and tolerant nation of all times. And in some cases when other nations would probably revolt or begin a revolution of some sort, the only thing we are doing is whining.

I deeply believe that these 3 factors are to blame for the current shape of our republic. Poverty, suicides, inequality, endless restructuring and much more are the result of pour management. Who knows, maybe pretty soon we’ll face a new era of better relationships between the government and the public, but till now it seems to be only worse.

A desperate cry for HELP !!!