dream hause

My House of Dreams

I usually like to dream about the big modern house on the bank of the sea.
The house should be situated in a very picturesque place and must have a
swimming pool, cinema hall, golf field, tennis court.
The house must be very comfortable, well planned, with lots of balconies
where I can enjoy a lovely view. There should be many rooms inside. I would
like to have a lot of friends visiting me every day.
The kitchen would be large, light and ha ave a lot of modern equipment, such
as huge fridge, microwave, modern cooker, dishwasher and many other things.
I would have a housekeeper.
The living room would be very large. I would like to sit there and look at
the fire. The furniture would be made by the designer and would look
The pictures of famous painters would hang everywhere on the walls.
Big library would be on the second floor. Also I would like to have
bathrooms and toilets near every bedroom. The floor will be c covered with
It is very difficult to imagine everything. I just can realize how much
money I would need for that.

A House or a Flat

Modern houses are very convenient. They generally have more rooms. Most
houses have a garden where the children can pl

lay safely and you can relax.
But, on the other hand, houses are much harder to keep clean than flats.
Rooms in the flats, especially in modern, are bigger and well arranged.
Modern flats often have balconies and they are surrounded by lawns and
gardens. But, of course, living in the flat seems like living in the box. I
think the worst thing about flats is that they are very noisy.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are an important recent change in the way we communicate.
People often have strong feelings about their advantages and disadvantages.
In my opinion, it is a very good thing for a young person to have a mobile
phone. Firstly, it means that he or she can contact family or friends at
any time they want or ne eed. If they are in trouble or can’t get home, they
can phone for help. It also means, that is parents are worried, they know
how to contact their children.
There have been cases of young people being robbed of their mobile phones.
However, if they keep them hidden in a bag or pocket most of the time, this
shouldn’t be a big problem.

How to Plan a Party

A successful party depends on many different things – atmosphere, company,
music, food and drink.
First of all, I think, you mu

ust make a list of people you want to invite
and then try to think about food. I think the most popular food at the
party is fast food. The best food, to my mind, can be pizza, as you can
find lots of them in the supermarkets. You have just to warm such food. I
usually prepare sandwiches. It is easy to make them and they are quite
tasty. I also make various types of salads: fresh vegetables, cubage or
carrot with garlic. For the dessert I buy a cake and my mother or sister
makes some jelly. On the table I usually put lots of fruits.
I also offer my guests some soft drinks, tea or coffee. It is popular to
drink some strong drinks, such as beer, champagne or wine.
I think that music is very important too. You have to choose something that
suit dancing and that everybody likes. At the same time I always think
about some games that are funny and help all my friends to join and feel

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