They were very very good jumpers. Velociraptors had long claws which they would use to get their prey. They also usually hunted in packs like wolves do. They do look and act alike though. Velociraptor was a fast-running, two-legged. This meat-eater had about 80 very sharp, curved teeth in a long, flat snout; some of the teeth were over 2.5 cm long. This predator had an s-shaped neck, arms with three-fingered clawed hands, long thin legs, and four-toed clawed feet. Velociraptor_s head was about 18 cm long. Velociraptor may have been able to run up to roughly 60 km/h for short bursts.


He was one of the fiercest dinosaurs of all. The name means king. And he was. T. rex was a huge meat-eating dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 85 million to 65 million years ago. T. rex lived in a humid, semi-tropical environment, in open forests with nearby rivers. The seasons were mild. Until recently, Tyrannosaurus rex was the biggest known carnivorous dinosaur, Carcharodontosaurus is slightly bigger.

CompsognathusCompsognathus was a bird-like dinosaur that walked on two long, thin legs. It had a small, pointed head with small, sharp teeth, and a long, flexible neck. It had short arms with two clawed fingers on each hand. It had three-toed feet. A long tail acted as a counterbalance and for stability during fast turns. Its bones were hollow.Compsognathus was from 0.7-1.4 m long, about 3 kg and was about the size of a chicken.


Pteranodons lived during the late Cretaceous period and died out about 65 million years ago. They ate fish (which they caught at the surface of the oceans), mollusks, crabs, insects, and scavenged dead animals on land. Pteranodons could flap their wings and fly with power. They flew long distances using large, light-weight wings. Pteranodons were flying reptiles that were about 1.8 m long, had a 7.8 m wingspread, and weighed very light. This wing-span is longer than any known bird.