“Mobile Phones and Health”

“Mobile Phones and Health”

For all people who has ever used the mobile phones, difficult times come. One year ago one English newspaper article shouted: “Mobile phone killed my husband!” Somebody asserted that mobile phone relati to the lose of memory. In March one British man inflicted to the whole first paper a picture which shows how mobile phones “boil” brain.

No any argument that mobile phone raises cancer or another persons ailments.

There are few intrigue findings which point that mobile phones can influence animate material. And only at that time we will know all about mobile phones when scientists will answer this questions.

One of queer effects is “memory lose”. Allan Peerce and group in Bristol (England) suspended an apparatus to a volunteers ears. Aparatus imitated digital and analogic micro waves. Volunteers remembered the same words and pictures in the computer screen, then the aparatus was switched off and the switched on again. Peerce says that he doesn’t know will the effect be the same when mobile phone is used for many years. But he rejects a theory that mobile phones relate to the memory lose. But micro waves raise absolute influence on peoples reaction. Volunteers reaction accelerated. When words “Yes” or “No” appeared on the screen, volunteers sooner pressed a button. Inprovement made for about 4%. This can not be an experiment mistake, because this experiment was remained to couple of volunteers group.

Theoretically micro waves altogether do not influence the brain.