sip – drink in small mouthfuls
admit – confess, acknowledge
speed – rate at which something moves or acts
celebrate – a happy event, perform
obviously – easy to see or understand
tunnel – underground passage
gorgeous -strikingly beautiful or attractive
gates – movable barrier usually hinged , in a wall or fence
barely – only just
anniversary – date on which something occured in a previous year
share – give or take a share of (something)
chat – informal conversation
nanny-woman whose job is looking after children
parachute – large fabric canopy that slows the descent of a person or object from an aircraft
gust – sudden bllast of wind
drift – be carried along by currents of air or water
snapping – break suddenly
spear – weapon consisting of a long shaft with a sharp point
surround – be, come, or place all around
steer – direct the course of sth
quicksand – deep mass of loose wet sand that sucks anything on top of it into it
hold – keep or support in on with the hands or arms
clearing – treeless area in a wood
native – person born in a specified place
path – surfaced walk or track
flowerbed – decorated with a floral deesign
branch – secondary stem of a tree
merchant bank – bank dealing mainly with businesses and investment
bench – long seat
drop – (allow to) fall vertically
blame – consider (someone) responsible for

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