Daily life

Daily life.

The biggest part of my life I spend as a pupil at school. That is why there is nothing extraordinary in my daily life. I live according one and only plan of a day almost eleven years. There are some exceptions seldom, but usually the same happens every day.

My day begins at 7:00 am. Actually, it is hard for me to wake up. Therefor I turn on my wireless in order to get up as soon as possible. I have my breakfast and go to wash. I am used to brush my teeth after the meal because a daintiest advised me to do so. If there is some time left I read new mail or newspapers.

My lessons begin at 8:00 am. Generally, I have six or seven lessons per day. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes and there are time breaks after every lesson which continues ten or fifteen minutes. I try to do as much as I can at school whereas I want to be free at the rest of a day. If I am in mood I go to some bars or pubs afterward school.

My evening is devoted to relaxation and recreation. After school I need not less than three hours to rest. I watch TV or listen to radio. As a matter-of-fact I do not do any creative work at the time. The second part of the evening I spend with my computer. Besides, computer is my real passion and I lose sense of time near it. Evidently, I go to bed at midnight.

Generally, I never plan my daily life. I try to make it more creative. Overall, I am finishing school now and everything is going to change soon, nevertheless I am used to live as I described before and I do not know how everything would be then.