Human-beings are strong only because they have information. Information we get from our own experience is not enough to satisfy our needs and we have to share it between ourselves. Therefore education system is created. It helps to convey knowledge of past generations to younger ones in more accurate way. It is very important task because the future of the civilisation depends on it.

Our time makes great demands on people. Amount of knowledge which is necessary for work is increasing. Old way to learn things is not sufficient anymore. Furthermore education system is wrong because it is based on an adult conception of that child should be and of how child should learn. Moreover the pupil in our schools loses their individualities. Therefore we have to change education system.

On the other hand the modification of the education system is very crucial and difficult job. Many great experts are tying to improve it but people who work in the ministry of education impede very much. And only after a union of teachers’, pupil’s and government’s efforts the level of the education in Lithuania will begin to grow.

Thus as far as I am concerned I have my vision of ideal school. In my mind’s eye we should allow children to be themselves. Moreover pupils are individualities therefore we have to work with each individually. Although it is only the dream but we have to seek for it.

In general our education system is not so bad. Each year thousands pupils finish secondary schools and try to enter universities.