Tom Gregory is eleven. His ambition is to swim the English Channel before he is twelve. The Channel is almost 35 kilometres at its narrowest point. Fyona is just 24. In recent years she has been walking round the world. She left home at 16 and ended up walking the lenght of Britain. She was only 19 when she walked across America and at 22 she walked across Australia. Next month Fyona will be going to Africa to walk the 14400 kilometres.
These people have ambitions. They will do their best to achieve them. They are prepared to work hard and finally their dreams will come true to my mind. Do you have such ambitions? What will you have to do to achieve your ambition?
I have some plans for my future. They aren`t impracticable. One of them is parachute jump. I think it would be amazing to fly like a bird for some time. This is one my ambition. I`m prepared to work as hard as Tom or Fyona to achieve it. Needless to say that i`ve got more ambitions. I want to visit many exotic countries and irelands. I want to travel around the world with motorcycle, like some people were treveling round the world with bicycles. That trip was called “Peace march”. In fact we have to experience not only good things . For example one man dead over that trip. But rest of people didn`t fracture and continued their trip till they achieve what they wanted.
For my part it is really great when people live to achieve something. Then they can say that they have done something in their lives.