Crime in Lithuania

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Crime in Lithuania

Nowadays crime is very associated with our modern world. Unfortunately, it’s not as safe as we would like to be so we must do everything we can in order to improve our own safety.

Crime is a very serious problem in nowadays Lithuania. The criminal situation in my country is much worse than in other western European countries. It’s quite difficult to feel safe late at night or even in the evening in the streets as you can simply bee mugged. Much more dangerous can be walking in the streets alone also in the evening, so people are advised to go by cars instead of walking alone and not to have a lot of expensive things such as mobile phones, cameras, watches, huge amounts of cash or other valuable things which might catch the offenders eye. Furthermore, the most common crimes are vandalism and hooliganism as usually young people destroy other peoples’ possessions. Moreover, much worse situation is for woomen as it’s much easier to bully a woman than a man. What is more, rape is quite an often crime in Lithuania, so women and young girls can’t feel really safe here not just in evenings but even during th

he day. Of course, very cruel and horrific offences happen in Lithuania as well but they do not happen very often and are most associated with local gangs and offences such as money and document forgery, drug dealing, smuggling, kidnapping and even murder.

Of course, this situation is a result of quite bad country economical situation, low individual education and lack of values, but I think that this is a consequence of quite changeable political system in Lithuania. As you know, our country is quite a young so there aren’t a lot of traditions of how to rule the country as even most of politics are corrupt so not a surprise that the punitive measures have too many vulnerable spots. I think that the punishment in Lithuania should be much harsher. As nowadays criminals escape without being punished too often. Usually, people for very small crime are fined large amounts of money or even sent to prison while other very dangerous criminals get away. Furthermore, the police officers are also not very qualified so they can’t secure the citizens against danger. That shows that the criminal and the punishment situations in Lithuania are not at as good standards as they sh

hould be.

But it’s not as bad as it might show. One’s safety is just one’s responsibility and there i

. . .

All in all, I think it’s impossible for one man to improve security system in Lithuania and make everybody feel really safe, but with help of local councils, country government and all citizens it might be much easier to make our country a safer place to live in.

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