Lithuania is an independent country. The fight for freedom was long and heavy. People wanted to have a free country, but they did not know how much does this freedom cost. The people who live in Lithuania now are not happy. Many problems are in Lithuania now. The greatest problem is crime. There is a very difficult criminal situation in Lithuania.
I live in quiet area, but it isn’t very safe. In this area you can walk at night and don’t be e scared of muggers or somebody like that, but you can’t be sure that your property are safe. If your house is burglar-friendly, you shouldn’t leave it without care, you should ask your neighbours to keep an eye on or you should have a security system in your house.
In other areas are a lot of muggers. They mugging handbags or purses from a people. To care from these crimes people have to carry a personal whistles or to have a tear-gas. I think, that more numerous are crimes of property.
Police is very good and trusted civil service. There will be a lot of felonries, if there wouldn’t be a police. I think that in Lithuania all parts are evenly sa

afe, because at all parts there are the same economic condition.

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