The activity that involves breaking the law is called crime. But why people resolve doing crimes? I think there are many reasons why and one of them is that people turn to crime as an easy way of making money also TV shows the lifestyle of criminals which looks glamorous and desirable and it also attracts many young people. Another serious reason which can turn you to a life of criminal is drugs. It means that you need a dose evvery day and if you aren’t rich you can get money only in one way – making the crime.
We can divide crimes into two groups: petty crimes (like littering, pick pocketing, stealing sweets or being on bus without a ticket) and serious crimes for example: murder, hijacking, kidnapping or assassination. I think that serious criminals must be punished unmercifully, sentenced to life imprisonment or if it is not murder they must be fined a large amount of money. From smaller crimes suuch as theft, robbery or burglary we can protect ourselves in many ways. Firstly: not to forget to shut and lock doors and windows, make sure that any ladders are put away and not left outside where burglars can use th

hen. Also you can ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house or install an alarm system in your living place.
In conclusion to this I think that the only way to escape problems connected with a crime is our own alertness and tacit understanding.

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