After 10 years….

It was bright and sunny day.the sun was shining everywhere.there were no clouds in the sky.the wind was tousling his thick brown hair. John was standing on the main deck,wearing black trousers,red t-shirt`sand sling-back leather shoes.he looked at his wife kate-it was a gorgeous woman wearing a floral print dress.that man was unsure were they were going.’it wasn`t typical of me to go somethere by ship’he said, ‘even now I ,when I am 50 years old,I remember that was our annniversary. We were celebrating it in unusual way’

Both,they were sailing in the sea.they wanted to run off to somewhere.the sea waved calmly as the wind was blowing weakly.they had a rest.john was so close to his wife.they were chating for hours and sharing their seemed that they were falling in love again. But suddenly they felt that the ship was rocking,then saw how the sea was awful clouds were coming to them.the wind was getting stronger and stronger.sea waas wery stormy.lightening was flashing. Both of them were terrible scrared and frightened.they embraced heartily and then kate exclaimed’we gona die’!
After these words their ship broke down as they were helpless to do something.

The storm was over.luckily they swam out of

f the sea to a strange little but full of greenery and beautiful land.they didn`t know where they was hopeless to get back home

The years slapped down.they had already conformed with that situation. For all ten years they learned to find some meal and to protect themselves from animals..the time passed quickly.and one day, when they had no hope,they saww a helicopter in the blue sky.eventually they were saved and survived.AFTER 10 YEARS OF EFFORT HE FINALLY GOT WHAT HE ALWAYS WANTED-TO GET BACK HOME.

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