Creta’s Island


Crete lies at the point where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet. It is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean sea with an area of 8,335 square kilometers. The climate of Crete is probably the mildest in Europe. The strong northwesterly wind, moderates even the hottest months of July and August. Rainfall is rare during the summer months. Autumn is Crete’s mildest season, when temperatures are often higher than in spring. Three mountain ranges form a sort of spine stretching across the island. In western Crete, the Lefka Ori or White Mountains occupies a large area.Some of the most characteristic natural beauties of the Cretan scenery consist of the famous Cretan gorges, which begin at the mountainous areas of the island and end to the sea. The green gorges a abound with rare species of flora and fauna which are protected by strict rules, as they are unique throughout Greece. Among them, one can admire rare species of cypress-trees, platans, pine-trees and wildflowers.

The most famous and significant gorge of Crete is the infamous gorge of Samaria, which impresses with its size and unique natural beauty, while on its slope feeds the famous wild goat of Crete, which is found nowhere else in Greece. Crete is well known for the Cretan goat, otherwise called which is found mainly in the Gorge of Samaria. The archaeological excavations, which have brought to light many wall paintings of the , testify to the view that this animal was worshiped on the island during antiquity. Its raruty is one of the reasons that led to the Gorge of Samaria becoming a national park. Travelling to Crete is exciting with all the options available to the visitor. It is accessible by airplane as well as by ferry. If you are travelling from abroad it’s best to fly directly to Heraklion Airport

Or it is possible to reach it by landing on Athens the capital of Greece and continuing by ship.Romantic Crete, with its sea, rocks, beaches, perfect mood, sleepless nights, land of endless feasts under star-studded skies, dizzy dances. There are some famous towns where the tourists gather. It’sEl Greco, Kornaros, Kazantzakis and Prevelakis The main cities-ports on Crete – Hania, Rethymno, Iraklio, Agios Nikolaos, Sitia – all grew up on the north side. Ierapetra is the only port on the south side, on the shores of the Libyan Sea, facing Africa.Crete, whose door is always wide open to both East and West. I would love to visit this island because of many reasons. The beautiful nature, mild weather, good mood and of course good rest.