Charles Dickens biography

Charles Dickens Charles Dickens was a writer who lived a life as interesting as anythinghe wrote about in his novels. He was born in 1812 in the Portsmouth into alife of poverty. He later drew on his own childhood experiences for hisshort stories. His father was a clerk who earned relatively little money.In 1822 his family moved to London. Charles’ family was so poor that hiseducation was interrupted by need to take poorly-paid work in a factory.Later his father got into debt and was imprisoned. One year later Charlesbecame a solicitor’s clerk so that he could earn more money. It was in 1824that he became a newspaper reporter. His first short story was anonymouslypublished in 1825 without payment. One year later Dickens whose penname was‘Boz’ began writing about England. Later in 1836 he fell in love with awoman whose name was Catherine Hoghart. They were in love so much that theyhad 10 children. Later, in 1842 he visited the USA where Charles became sowell-known that everyone treated him as a celebrity. Between 1837 and 1865many of his finest writings such as ‘Oliver Twist’ or ‘A Christmas Carol’and many others were published in instalments or monthly parts. In 1858Dickens separated with his wife after many years of marriage. Charles beganworking so hard that he eventually became exhausted and fell ill. In 1870when he was 58 Dickens died and was buried in Westminster Abbey.