Changes of the Tiny Snack Bar

Changes of the Tiny Snack Bar

The aim of this article is to resolve a question of improving our college’s snack bar, which will be changed to a modern self-service cafeteria. I have some ideas that might be useful.

When we talk of cafeteria we firstly think of the food, which will be included on the menu. I think it would be a great idea to supply a more voluminous variety of food. Obviously, the main meals would be a fry with maashed potatoes and potato-based dishes like Shepherd’s Pie. Also, vegetarians should not be forgotten and it is important to offer some food for them. The best decision is Bhaji, which is not difficult to make and is in a great request. In addition to this, it is needful to serve some desserts such as pudding or ice cream. In this way, customers will be more contented with the nourishment.

Even a superficial look at the cafeteria’s environment reveals oneself to be pooor. On that ground I feel bound to say that there is a number of changes, which should be made in order to improve the situation. Firstly, the music in our present snack bar is obsolete and if we replace it

t with up to date melodies, it will be more pleasant to listen to. Secondly, the furniture is really outworn. Why not changing it to new colourful sets so that it would bring in some new air? Lastly, the conditioning is malfunctioning. Because of this the smell in the café isn’t very savoury. For this reason I suggest the system to be improved by installing some vents so customers could breath easily. By accomplishing this matter the cafeteria would raise its rating dramatically.

To sum up, the renovating is necessary and it would be to advantage. So there is no time to waste – let’s get to work!

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