anglu testas rasymui klaseje


One sunny morning I was watching my favourite TV programme. While I was making a cup of coffee I heard ringing my mobile phone. I picked up the phone and heard Algirdas’s voice. Algirdas is my old friend and he invited me to meet up. Tomorrow morning he was coming from London. He had very changed a lot of years. At first we went to the small restaurant. While we were having dinner outside near by house was burning. Some teerrorists were to set fire a corner shop. We ran outside to watch what had happened. We were get inside the house and saw a little girl lying on the floor. She was unconscious. While we were getting her out emergency services arrived. I was very fightened while rescue workers tried to bring her to life. Suddenly she wake up.

In the end everything was alright – the girl recovered and terrorists were arrested. We talked about it all day. In thhe evening Algirdas came back to London. While I was thinking about this day I fell asleep.

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