Anglų temos

CRIME. Today’s teenagers have many drugs in their bodies crack, cocaine and many deadly weapons in their hands. Guns in the guns of teenagers and violence on TV and in films may be problems, but they are not the only ones. Children spend too much time hanging out. The positively example of family, shool, religion have grown weak and ineffective. Young single mothers are unprepared for child rearing… Many boys do not have the example to a strong positive male model. /// reasons of crime: *unemployment; *drugs and alcohol; *owning weapons; *violence on TV; *poor funding for school. Social, cultural programes for youth… Crime is an easy way of making money… Crimes types: 1)burglary (breaking into house and stealing things) 2) manslaughter (killing someone by accident); 3)blackmail (making someone to steal money); 4)mugging (atacking someone to steal money); 5)drunk driving (driving a car when you have drunk alcohol); We should: install a burglar alarm; try to make their home look as plain as possible; shouldn’t leave windows open; ask neighbour to keep on eye on my house; label valuables with the postcode.

TERRORISM. It has always been a serious issue, beu the day when it involved small-scale bombing and assassinations could be over. Terrorism can take many different forms froms and terrorists are constantly thinking of new ways to terrorise people. The most common methods have been bombing, kidnapping or hijacking, but terrorists are evolving along with technology. They are become more sophistical and are making use of technological advantages. Even the most common methods, such as bombing. Are changing due to the latest development like remote control and undetectable plastic explosives…. The future of terrorism is far more alarming.

EUROPEAN UNION EU is the European supranational organization dedicated to increasing economic integration and strengthening co-operation among its member states. The EU was established in 1993, was 12 members, but this organizasion beginning was 1952 with creation of the European Coal and Steel Commity (6 members). 25countries are in this organization today.The head quarters are in Briusels. EU works hard to promote Europian business, industry an free trade. It’s not just economic organizasion today. The EU’s decisions and laws affect education, employment, energy, the environment, medical and scientific research. .. ADVANTAGES:
• To promote the development of regions whose development is lagging behind;
*To help regions affected by industrial decline
• To combat long – term unemployment.
• To facilitate the integration of young people into working life.
BUT: 1)one is Ignalina nuclear power plant will be closed. 2)hundred of people will be encourage to leave their homes, fammilys.. Due to this fact, we will face with the lack of good and young specialists. IN CONCLUSON I think that always it is better to solve countries problems together. Living in the united Europe juo can pick up yor things and go to live in London, Paris without any formal obstacles. But on the other hand living in the united Europe means losing your national identify..

POLITICAL SYSTEM. Lithuania is an independent democratic respublic, which has a president and is governed by elected representatives. The Lithuania political system is a parliamentary democracy. The presidet, who is Head of State, is elected for tive yers by the direct vote of all citizens. Who job includes suggestions laws to the Seimas and, voiting and changing laws. Our parlament is Seimas, it consists of 141 member and laws are made by it. Also president appoints the Prime Minister, who is the head of Government. Nowadays our life isn’t safe. It seems, neither police, nor government can’t guarantee public safety. It seems to me, the members of the Seimas must work and try to do their best – to make life easer for their elections, but not for themselves and then maybe the political situation will achieve stability. We are depending on NATO and EU. IN CONCLUSION these days the life is really difficult inour country. People have a lot of problems.. But I believe new elections situation may change and everything would go better.

FREE TIME… I don’t have much free time for lesure during the week, because most of my time is spend at school, but I have several hobbies- firstly I am interested in music. I am going to Ateitinikai. I don’t have favourit group. I like over one song of everyone singer. Theatre and cinema is for awau from my village and it cost money. I like very much ballet. Secondly I like watching TV, expectialy football games. Everyday I go in internet. There I communicate with my friends.. In summer I have more free times, like swimming in rive., go to the disco. IN CONCLUSION I would like to say that neithes I, neithes my family doesn’t have a lot of free time, but we spend it so, that we likes mostly.:)

HAVING A PET. Many people having a pet, because it’s really kind. George Elliot said: Animal are such agreeable friens- they as no question, they pass no criticism. However having a per has many DISADVANTAGES: 1)we have to take care of our pet everyday. His living place must be clear and comportable, when we havn’t time and mood. 2) all members of the family ought to showlove and warmth to him. A pet isn’t a toy. It needs good temper and tolerance. Not to mention the fact that pet’s food is very expensive. ADVANTAGES: 1)A pet teaches us to be tender and sensible o the creature. Furthermore a pet gives me much love, mildness, relief and other.. IN CONCLUSION: some people don’t love animals and I reprobate them. A lot of people believe that if…

WEATHER. Is mild in our country. Everyseason has its charms. SUMMER: time of joy and fun, is hot, sunshine, sunny with warm breeze. SPRING: regenerative nature, because the snow melts and thaw sets in. sunshine, brith, but I hate sleet, which often is in spring. AUTUMN is rich in muchrooms and often forest treasures, because it’s the most rainy season. Treas shes their leaves when a strong wind begins blow. I like autumn colours, damp, overcast, windy, often rain… WINTER cold and dark nights, I like snow, sun in the winter. Windy, hailstorm, snowfall, cold…