Anglų kalbos įskaitos temos

Everyone wants to live clean, nice and tidy. We like to look at somewhere and say: “What a niece place! How wonderful! Just like in heaven!”. But what are we doing to make the surrounding like this? To my mind just nothing. On the contrary – we do much more to destroy our environment. Living conditions in the world are getting worse and worse. Exhaust fumes and smoke from factories are polluting the air, trees are cutting down, and streets ar re full rubbish and grime. Furthermore rivers are being polluted by chemicals from factories too. In my view there are some solutions to these problems.
First of all I would like to point out that the littering is the most important problem in today’s society. However recycling helps us to liquidate the littering. As well as I know it reduces waste and is good for environment. For example plastic is the hardest material to recycle, because there are so many di ifferent kind of it. At the moment 2 percent of the plastic is recycled. Metal is another important material. Moreover it is easier to recycle. It is also cleaner and cheaper and uses not much energy. Metal is 100% recyclable and can be

e recycled hundred of times.
Secondly very huge problem is too many cars in the cities. People are buying and buying cars as it very comfortable and save our time. However we don’t know how exhaust gas can harm our health and especially polluted the air. We should improve public transport and ban cars from the city centre. As a result we can enjoy cleaner air and fewer health problems.
Animals are our friends. Like we have our motherland they also want to have and live in their habitat. How can we help them? The answer is clear. We must stop cutting down trees. Everyone who had cut the tree must plant the new one. In addition to this very useful will be e to put stricter fines.
To sum up we must take care of our surrounding, environment and nature, because we are the part of it. There are many solutions to all problems, but much depends on us. The sooner we put them into practice, the better our life will become.

It is important for everybody to study foreign languages. There are many reasons for it. We need a foreign language when we traveling abroad or for reading foreign materials, for business communication, fo

or corresponding with our friends, and for culture spheres. However, when working on computer and using the Internet you must know English perfectly.
My native language is Lithuanian. It is the one of the oldest surviving languages in the world. Our language is difficult for foreigners to learn, because it has a countless number of grammar rules. But there are a lot of foreigners who are eager to learn it. It’s very strange that some Lithuanian people unable to speak their native language very well because they don’t try. I like my native language it makes me a real Lithuanian. I can’t say that I know it very well but I try to learn it more and more.
However I want to speak a bit about English. It is very popular in nowadays. About 85% of people speak English. It is used as native language, as second language or the language, which we have to use in our job. English is official language of the United Kingdom, of the United States of America, of Australia and New Zeeland.
Today schoolchildren can being learning English, German, Russian and French in our country. We have all possibilities to improve mastering of any language. In our sc
chool are classrooms which have dictionaries, cassette recorders, wall charts, maps or pictures in order how to manage ordinary situations. Then I to choose which foreign language I’ll study I have chosen English, because it’s more popular than German or French. I like English and I study it in school since fourth form. I hope that soon I’ll learn to speak it well.
To sum up, knowledge of any foreign language helps us everywhere. The great German poet Goethe once said: He, who knows no foreign language, doesn’t know his own one.

Nobody can imagine his life without media. Newspapers, magazines, radio TV and internet reach you every day. The most serious problem is which of them to choose.
The main source of news for million people is television. I like to get the hottest information. So in every evening I try to watch the news on TV or read the newspaper. Of course not all newspapers and TV programmes report the news objectively, but serious journalists and TV reporters try to be fair and concrete. One of my favorite journalists is Algimantas Čekuolis. To my mind he is very clever and has a lot of experience on all fronts. Moreover he ma

akes television broadcasting “Afternoon with Algimantas Cekuolis”. In addition to this I like watch all news on TV, but especially Panorama, because it is very informative.
TV is one of the ways to spend our free time. It’s good, that there are some documentary films, which show us the life of wild animals, old civilizations and the lost world. Also TV shows some talk shows, for example “Nomeda”, “Myliu nemyliu”, where we can hear the interesting interviews.
But there is lot of violence in TV films, even in cartoons. And violence has a bad effect on viewers, especially on children and teenagers. They can’t understand what is right or what is wrong and they think that everything is true and start to copy everything and do the same things as “good guys” or “bad guys”.
The Internet or just a web has recently become another important source of information, because you needn’t wait for news on TV. The radio is good to listen in the cars or in the open air or when you do something about the house. Magazines are popularly too, especially among teenagers.
To sum up I want to say that Mass media makes much influence on people. In our world are many ways to get the hottest information. So we must choose the best and enjoy it.

There are many services in my region.If you want to post a letter or to send a parcel, money or telegram you go to the post office. At the post office you can buy stamps, envelopes and postcards. If you want to send a letter by air mail or a registered one you must go to the post office by all means. Of course you needn’t you needn’t go there with an ordinary letter. You drop it into a letter box on the corner of a street. I also go to the post office; because I have some friends in other towns or countries and I love writing letters them.
Furthermore if you want to have quick arrangements with your friends or other people the best thing is to phone them. If you don’t remember the phone number or you cannot find it in your note book, you simply look it up in the telephone directory. Then you are in the street at the bus or even in the school you can used you mobile phone too. Nowadays you can easily make international calls as well.
Moreover, when you go to abroad and visit some foreign countries you certainly have to go to a bank, because you need to change your money. This can be done at the Currency Exchange desk. For long journeys it is very useful to take a credit card with you, but not cash.
The most important services are hairdressing, photography, post office, police, fire brigade and hospital. Police station is one of the unpleasant services. You get there when you commit something bad. If you want to do photos it’s no problem, because there are some places there you can make photograph. A Very important service for people’s beauty is hairdressing saloon.
To sum up I want to say that all services are playing a big part of today’s modern life, so we couldn’t imagine our life without services.

The most popular celebrated in Lithuania are: Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day, Mothers day and Easter day.
Christmas Eve in Lithuania doesn’t differ much from this holiday in any other European country.
This is the day when many people are traveling home to be with their families on Christmas Day. Most families decorate their houses with brightly – colored paper or holly, and they usually have a Christmas tree in the corner of the front room. There are a lot of traditions connected with Christmas, but perhaps the most important one is giving of presents. People give each other presents and send Christmas cards. For the Christmas Eve supper the table is covered with a pure white tablecloth. A small plate with Christmas wafers is placed in the centre of the table. Twelve different dishes are served on the table such as fish, kuciukai with poppy seed milk, cranberry pudding, a salad of winter, apples, mushrooms and so on.

On December 31 families come together to see the New Year in. People stay up, until midnight comes. If somebody sleeps through such an important moment, his entire year will be bad – he’ll be groggy and lazy. Then the New Year comes all people are greeting each other.
What is more speaking about traditions, we have mother’s day in the first Sunday on May and father’s day in the first Sunday on June. In my view, it is probably just a commercial invention – and not a very successful one either. Millions of fathers do not know they have a special day. It is different when people celebrate Mother’s day, when people visit their mothers and give them flowers or small present.
Easter day is welcome especially in my family. My mother and I color up eggs with bright colors. Then all my family members break eggs and eat them. If your egg becomes unbroken you will be very happy in this year.
To sum up all celebrations are needed for us, because its make our life happier and colorful.

Then you leave school you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. It’s not an easy task to make the right choice of a job. I have known for a long time, that leaving school is the beginning of my independent life, the beginning of a far more serious examination of my abilities and character.
I have asked myself lot of times: what do I want to be then I leave school? A few years ago it was difficult for me to give definite answer. As the years passed I changed my mind a lot of times about which science or field of industry specialize in. It was difficult to make up my mind and choose one of the hundred jobs to which I might be better suited.
A couple of years ago I wanted to become a doctor. I thought it was a very noble profession. I was good at biology and chemistry. I wanted to help people who had problems with health. I knew that a doctor should be noble in work and life.
Now I have already decided what to do. I would like to be a teacher. I know that it’s very difficult to become a good teacher. You should know perfectly the subject you teach, you must be well – educated and well informed. One famous man once said “A great teacher is a great artist and you know how few great artists there are in the world”. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts. It is great responsibility to bring up children.
To sum up every person should know what he or she wants to be in future, because without education you are nothing and for this reason you can’t find a job.

Everybody has a right to education in Lithuania. Nowadays the life in our country is very difficult and a lot of young people don’t to school, they haven’t got even secondary education. It is very important that every youngster would attend secondary school. They would be busier and couldn’t commit crimes.

To begin with, Education in Lithuania has been centralized for a long time, but now almost all schools have their own education system, but all systems don’t differ from each other very much: children study almost the same subjects in all schools. Lithuanian children start attending secondary school when they are six or seven years old. They go to the primary schools which are in the kindergartens mostly. When they are ten or eleven years old they go to a secondary school. Pupils can stay at a secondary school for twelve years, but some of them leave secondary school at the end of the ninth form.
Before that these pupils must take the examinations for the General Certificate of Secondary Education. Then you can go to a university after graduating from a secondary school, vocational junior college or manual training school. The brightest students have a chance of studying abroad.
As for me I attended secondary school in Venta. I start attending my school when I was six years old. It is not very large: there are about 700 schoolchildren and about 50 teachers in it. I like my school because there are my friends in it, because my school is famous for skilled teachers and schoolchildren. Some teachers are not very tolerant to schoolchildren who don’t agree with them, but most of them are very generous and nice people
To sum up education is very important in person’s life. The years when we attend at school are the happiest and educated people are intelligent.


The Baltic States’ admission to NATO is currently the most pressing topic in the Baltic. NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It’s a military alliance of Western nations for the purpose of collective defense. It was established in 1949. NATO’s member States are: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany (since 1955), Greece (1952), Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain (1982), Turkey (1952), UK, USA. Poland and Czech were admitted this year.

If the Baltic States support the program – “Partnership for Peace” to the fullest extent, they will be admitted as well. Baltic military forces take part in NATO maneuvers and it’s a concrete benefit, as Baltic States want to be admitted as full members.

There are lots of different opinions on what is better for a small country: to be a member of a military organization or to be a neutral country. There are various advantages and disadvantages of both. It’s said, that preparation of Lithuania to join NATO requires from 8 to 10 mln. Litas. That is why it would be more beneficial to modernize the economics of Lithuania, than to spend huge sums of money on joining NATO. Moreover some people say that the threat of war is only our imagination. For example, during the period of 1944-1953 lots of men were killed, but it was impossible to confirm the act of independence. Meanwhile, in 1990 the independence was restored without any war or guns. So, it would be better to spend money on solving social and economical problems than on joining NATO.

In conclusion the opponents of „Lithuania in NATO” consider, that Lithuania should seeks to be a neutral country. The proponents of “Lithuania in NATO” suggest that joining NATO would confirm the stability of Lithuania. Lithuania is tiny country and the enemies can be too strong and powerful to fight with. So, NATO could help in case in the threat of war.

Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. It is the biggest personal property. Every person should think more about his health because when health is lost, everything is lost. Good health is better than the best medicine. And if your health is good, you are always in a good mood. But sickness in the body brings sickness to the mind. Taking medicines is an unpleasant thing, and if we want to avoid it, we should go in for sports, eat various foods, be in the fresh air, and do exercises. We shouldn’t wait when health comes like a bolt from the blue, we should do something ourselves.
As for me I take care of my health. I do morning exercises in the morning. It doesn’t take much time and I can feel bright, I can get back my energy, I can feel as strong as a lion. I try to take long walks in the open air as often as I can. But when the weather is not very bad I sleep with my window open.
Sport is very important in our life. It is a way leading you to the healthy life. There are many kinds of sport but I don’t like tennis, football or basketball. I like biking very much and I visit a lot of places in the countryside by my bike. Biking you can hear birds sing, listen to the sound of nature and enjoy the fresh air. It’s very useful for my health I think.
I eat six times a day. I never overfeed. I eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit drink fruit juice. I don’t eat sugar and fat. I use a little meat and salt.
I keep my body clean, wear clean clothes. Looking at a person who is clean and orderly dressed you can feel better too. Hairbrushes, toothbrushes are not lent. Every person should use only his personal things.
If a person doesn’t keep to these rules he can easily catch an illness. People who don’t do exercises, who don’t do morning exercises are not tempered so they can catch cold very often.
To sum up if you really want to be healthy you should eat well-balanced meals, need extra vitamins, give up smoking and drinking. Then you look younger and feel happier.

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