Nowadays advertising plays an important part in our everyday life. Ads are widely used to stimulate demand and create an image of product, an image of company. There are a lot of kinds of ads such as ads on television, in newspapers, on the radio or in the streets. In my opinion, television is a main reason of the evolution of ad. TV commercials have a huge impact on our culture and lifestyle. So now I will talk a little bit about TV commercials, about their advantages and disadvantages.
Everyday, when we are watching an interesting program on television, we face with TV commercials. It’s aim is to make more active consumers who are able to maintain companies by buying each products. First of all, companies pay big money that ads will be shown on TV. This is why only large companies such as “Coca-Cola” or “Adidas” are able to pay for their ads. In addition to that TV commercials always give a lot of positive information about the goods advertised. Person, who have ever seen this type of ads, always want to try this product because TV commercials make him positive impression of a brand through the image they use. The adverts of cigarettes are a good example of this. They often show a picture of the wide spaces or prairies. In fact, they symbolizes an adventure, freedom which cause an interest to the young people. However there is one hidden hook: people forget about the health risk!
Furthermore, TV commercials don’t give a realistic picture of the goods advertised. Through the advertisement people are convinced that quality of goods is high. So people are sure that they buy the best food, clothes, household articles. A lot of people don’t really admit that such adverts are lies.
What can I say about commercials on children’s TV. I’m against for the TV commercials because it stimulate to use products such as cigarettes or alcohol. Children also enjoy the ads as entertainments to spend their free time. Yesterday I heard that according to the newest researches three out of 10 people said that they like TV commercials. As a result, in our country TV commercials are not popular because through the television advertisements are not challenging enough.
My favorite advertisement is about high quality sportswear made by “NIke”. This commercial is really good because there are nice music and perfect landscape: mountains, rivulets. Furthermore there is one catchword is “Just do it”. These words contain a hidden massage : if you use it, you’ll be full of strengths.