Advantages and disadvantages owning a car

Are you one of those people who own a car and believe they have an advantage over others who use public transport? This may be true up to a point, but owing a car also has its disadvantages.

The main disadvantage of wing a car in towns is that its very expensive, because benzine costs much money. Secondly, people driving cars make many accidents, a lot of people die or hurt. For this reason, it is more safely to drive a biike or go by public transport. Finally, the most important and persuasive argument against the use of cars in cities is that most people stop going for a walk and than various illnesses begin.

Nevertheless, the advantages of using cars in cities are numerous. First of all, use of cars is more comfortable than public transport. People can go anywhere and any time, they do not have to wait for something, for example, a bus. Moreover, you can go by car veery fast. For example, in the morning your bus doesn’t come in time and you can be late, if you have not got a car. In addition, cars make our life easier and save time. Furthemore, using cars is the be

est thing, when you want to travel, for example, to Palanga or by lake.

To sum up, there are strong arguments both against and for the use of cars or public transport. Yet, despite accidents, expensiveness, it seems that as long as the use of cars is regulated, the benefits of cars are making life easier and save time.

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