Advantages and disadvantages of living in island

Imagine living on a remote island surrounded by a shimmering blue sea, without the noise, stress or polution of a big city. It sounds idylic, but there are both advantages and disadvantages to this kind of lifestyle.
Nowadays we all are tired of our hectic life in the city. We need calmness and relaxation. These things we can find in a remote island. Only in such almost disappeared places are not touched by civilization wild nature, where we can enjoy fresh air, not polluted water and nature. Such islands are the idylic places to be on your own with your thoughts. I believe, if you have some problems and can not find the solution, go to a remote island, there is the best place to find the way out of problems.
Although living on a remote island has a great range of positive sides, I dare to say not many of us would enjoy such life. First of all, everyone needs a human’s company. Living without it may lead to a madness. Moreover, a man can not be lazy for a long time, he needs activities. Therefore, being long time on a remote island can be not enjoyable, but very boring. Finally, missing home, family and civilization will increase with every day spend there. Because we all are “city people” , who can not imagine our daily life without simple civilization things as bathroom, bedroom, television or radio.
Though living on a remote island may seems like a wonderful dream, a man can not be there for a long time, because excitement, activities are the neccessary part of today human’s life. Family and human company’s longing can be much stronger than wish to live there.