Advantages and disadvantages of European Union

Advantages and disadvantages of joining the European Union?

Nowadays European Union is an ongoing concern. The EU is the European supranational organization dedicated to increasing economic integration and strengthening cooperation among its member states despite this, the subject of joining EU is very controversial. Yet much can be said in favour and against it.

First of all, one of the positive points is that the EU countries work together to make the world a safer place by handling such common problems as nuclear safety, long-term employment, development of rural areas of its member states, integration of young people into working life. Apart from this, joining the EU will present significant economic opportunities in the form of a larger market. All members of EU will create the biggest economic area in the world.

What is more, all people of our country will have the right to travel, work and study or live in any Member State. Besides, this includes the right to set up bussiness in all the countries of EU. In addition to this, we will be offered the opportunity to vote in the Member State where we live and even stand as candidates in both local and European elections.

Needless to say, support will be given to the farmers of our country before the accession to EU in oder to make structural change in Lithuanian agriculture and food industries, so that when we join EU, Lithuanian agriculture can cope with competitive pressures.

On the other hand, we can not forget the drawbacks and the main one is Iganalina nuclear power plant will be closed. It won’t be able to work, because European Union demanded high level of nuclear safety and it can not realistically be upgraded to an internationally acceptable high safety level. The majority of Lithuania’s inhabitants are afraid of the rapid rise of electricity price when Ignalina nuclear power plant will be closed.

Moreover, the other part of people show a liking to be scared of heightened rates of competition in terms of market and the onset of cheap goods from other countries. Also hundreds of people will be encouraged to leave their homes and start to look for a better-paid job in a foreign country. Due too this fact, we will face with the lack of good and young specialists.

However, it is possible that the surplus of unskilled labour will be created in our country because of the heightened immigration and this as a result may push down wages and increase crime rates.

All things considered, there are more pros than cons and despite all negative aspects the majority of people are waiting the Lithuania’s acceptance to EU.