Advantages and disadvantages of joining NATO

Nowadays NATO is an ongoing concern in our country. NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is a military alliance created on the purpose of collective defense. Also it is strengthening cooperation among its members, but despite this, the subject of joining NATO is very controversial. Yet much can be said in favour and against it.

First of all, one of the positive points it that, NATO helps for its member states to create their defensive programs and consults thhem in the economic and other areas. In addition to this, joining NATO is appealing to small countries, which are unable to defend themselves and NATO helps for its member states when a problem of defense rises. Needless to say, it encourages greater investment, assures the stability and rapid economical development. These three factors are the most important for every country, especially to a small one like Lithuania.

Moreover, the subject of joining NATO is apparently contradictory because it is rather diifficult to decide what it better for small country: to be a member of a military organization or to be a neutral country. Actually, it is cheaper to join NATO than stay a neutral country and build all security systems an

nd a professional army without a help from foreign countries.

What is more, joining NATO does not mean what we will loose a part of our independence, this organization is not interested in our internal politics, but apart from this, if a big problem rises NATO is always available to help. During the negotiations with other countries which are not members of this organization, member states of NATO are likely to make arrangements for the common position and this as a result increases the power of NATO.

On the other hand, we can not forget the drawbacks and the main one is that preparation to join NATO requires from 8 to 10 mln. Litas. Some of people would be happier if such a suum of money would be spent on modernization the industry of Lithuania.

Besides, the majority of inhabitants’ show a liking to think that a fear of war is only our imagination, and there is no need to put all our strengths to join NATO.

Furthermore, the others want to live in a neutral country, and are afraid that Lithuania in the future may loose a part if its culture forever.

Taking everything into account, there are more pros than cons and despite al

ll the negative aspects, positive ones are on the top.

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