Advantages and disadvanatages of keeping animals in the zoos

Advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in the zoos

During the last few years there has been noticed a great development in the field of zoos. Some people think that such places are entertaining and necessary. However, a lot of people think that zoos should be closed for numerous reasons. So, I will try to illustrate both points of view and express my opinion in the end of my essay.One of the main advantages of zoos is preservation of endangered species. Maybe zoos will help to make sure that pandas, some types of tigers and parrots will not become extinct and delight people for many years to come. Moreover, children and elder people go to the zoo and learn something about wild animals without having to travel too far from home . They see how predactors live and what they really look like. Finally, in some rich zoos animals are assured of security and food. Sick or injured animals can be treated immediately giving them a much higher chance of survival. Besides animals in zoos are fed at regular intervals – there is no threat for them (particularly the young ones) of starving to death.The first argument against zoos is that animals are kept there against their will. A lot of animals are taken out of their natural environment and climate and have to live in quite small cages where they don’t really have enough space to move around freely. Secondly, very often animals in zoos die from illnesses caused by the unsuitable climate, unfamiliar parasites. Usually they are sad and depressed because they have to exist in outlandish enviroment and just attract visitors . Lastly, neglect is another problem. It is an essential question at our Kaunas zoo, because nowadays this zoo is very poor and it cannot take care of animals properly. It is really cruel when tropical animals spend time outside in winter and famished.

Taking everything into account there can be both advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in the zoos. When I was a child visiting the zoo was really attractive and great, but now I have a more negative opinion about zoos because of poor starving animals in captivity.