1. abhorrent to Slavery is abhorrent to a human man. 2. abounding in / with English is a language abounding with idiomatic expressions. 3. abreast of It is important to keep abreast of the progress of technology. 4. absorbed in She was absorbed in an exciting novel. 5. acceptable to Is this arrangement acceptable to you? 6. accessory to (legal) This man was accessory to the crime. 7. accompanied by Lady Armstrong was accompanied by her son. 8. according to The house was built according to the owner’s plan. 9. accountable to someone for something It is not pleasant to be accountable to one’s boss for everything one says or does. 10. accruing to (formal) The profits accruing to him from the business will be greatly reduced this year. 11. accurate in John is never accurate in his calculations! 12. accused of something by someone He was accused of theft by his own brother! 13. accustomed to Mary is accustomed to making long journeys abroad alone. 14. acquainted with We are not well acquainted with our neighbours yet. Are you acquainted with the works of Thornton Wilder? 15. acquitted of He was acquitted of murder after a trial lasting four months. 16. adapted for / to The book has been adapted to the needs of foreign students. The book has been well adapted for its present purpose. 17. addicted to Never become addicted to alcohol! 18. adequate to The supply of material is not adequate to the needs of industry. 19. adjacent to The two houses stand adjacent to each other. 20. adorned with The drawing-room was adorned with old masterpieces. 21. affixed to The syllable “-en” affixed to an adjective often forms a verb: broad, to broaden. 22. afflicted by / with He was greatly afflicted by the sad news. George has been afflicted with rheumatism for as long as I can remember. 23. afraid of Peter is not afraid of ghosts.

24. aghast at We were aghast at the terrible sight. 25. agreeable to Bill is always agreeable to our plans. 26. akin to His uncle treats him in a manner akin to hostility. 27. alarmed at / by We were alarmed at the sight of the accident. The country was alarmed by rumours of war. 28. alive to He is not yet alive to the danger he is in. 29. allotted to He enjoys the task allotted to him. 30. ambitious for Jack is very ambitious for his children. 31. amenable to Joan won’t mind – she is always amenable to our suggestions. 32. angry at something The teacher was angry at the pupil’s conduct. 33. angry with someone The teacher was angry with the pupils for talking in class. 34. animated by He was animated by the beauty of the countryside. 35. annoyed at something I was annoyed at my mistake. 36. annoyed with someone He was annoyed with you for being impertinent. 37. anxious about John is anxious about his exam results. 38. anxious for Most fathers are anxious for their children’s advancement. 39. apart from He sat apart from the other man. 40. applicable to Your criticisms are not applicable to the subject. 41. apprehensive of He is very apprehensive of the future. 42. appropriate to He gave a speech appropriate to the occasion. 43. ashamed of He looked quite ashamed of his shabby appearance. 44. associated with I do not wish to have my name associated with his! 45. astonished at I was quite astonished at his quick reaction. 46. attentive to Now please be attentive to what I have to say. 47. averse from / to He’s averse to all manner of work. 48. awake to Bill is not awake to his opportunities. 49. awake of I was not awake of your intention. 50. away from Don’t stay away from home too long. 51. bare of Some parts of country are almost bare of vegetation.
52. based (up)on The play is based upon a novel by Graham Greene. 53. belonging to He stole a horse belonging to the farmer. 54. beloved of / by He was greatly beloved of his fellow countrymen. 55. bent on The two boys were bent on mischief. 56. beneficial to (formal) Regular exercise is beneficial to health. 57. bereaved of (formal) During the war she was bereaved of her husband and all her children. 58. bereft of (formal) He is a lonely man, bereft of all comforts. 59. beset with It’s an undertaking beset with difficulties. 60. blended with The colour is green, blended with grey. 61. blessed with My grandfather has been blessed with good health all his life. 62. blind in Jim has gone blind in his right eye. 63. blind to Most of us are blind to our own faults. 64. boastful about / of Jack has always been boastful of his own accomplishments. 65. born of Mary was born of intelligent parents. 66. born in A child born in poverty will always be disadvantaged. 67. bound for The ship is bound for the Far East. 68. burdened with He is burdened with a bed-ridden wife. 69. busy at / with They’re all busy at work. John is busy with his boat. 70. capable of Jack is capable of violence when he’s angry. 71. careful of It is wise to be careful of one’s health. 72. careless about / of Sally is careless about the risks she runs in her business. Jack has taken on too much responsibility, but he is quite careless of the consequences. 73. cautious of Be cautious of giving offence. 74. celebrated for Racine is celebrated for his contribution to the drama. 75. certain of He felt quite certain of success. 76. characteristic of It is characteristic of Molly to want to have the last word! 77. clear of He is now clear of all business difficulties. 78. close to His house is close to mine.
79. clothed in The window was clothed in black. 80. clumsy at She’s rather clumsy at needlework. 81. cognisant of (formal) For a time he was not cognisant of my presence. 82. commensurate with (formal) You will receive a salary commensurate with your abilities. 83. common to Love of freedom is common to man and beast. 84. comparable to / with From the point of view of health, the town is not comparable with the country. The caste system in Hindu society is in some ways comparable to the class system of European society. 85. compatible with It would not be compatible with the public interest to reduce the strength of the police force. 86. complained of The goods complained of were immediately exchanged by the manager. 87. composed of Water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. 88. concerned about We are very concerned about our father’s illness. 89. concerned for He is greatly concerned for the safety of his family. 90. concerned in These two men were also concerned in the affair. 91. conducive to (formal) Long walks in the fresh air are conducive to good health. 92. confident of Tom is confident of good exam results. 93. conscious of He was conscious of being watched. 94. consecrated to We visited a monument consecrated to the memory of the dead. 95. consistent with His conduct in the affair was not consistent with his usual politeness and gentleness. 96. conspicuous for General Peel was conspicuous for his bravery. 97. content with Are you content with the quality of the teaching? 98. contiguous to (formal) Iran is contiguous to Afghanistan. 99. contrary to This has turned out contrary to my expectations. His opinions are always contrary to mine. 100. convenient to / for It’s not convenient to me to receive visitors tomorrow. The bus-stop on the corner is very convenient for us. 101. conversant with (formal) He is conversant with all the modern authors. Geology is a science I’m not conversant with.
102. convulsed with Jack was convulsed with laughter when I told him what you’d said. 103. corresponding to Your exam results are not corresponding to your true abilities. 104. covered with Next morning the ground was covered with snow. 105.