Acid Rains

Acid rains

Everybody knows how acid rains effect our world. We know, that acid rain contains not only from gas like O and N from liquid and solid amounts, like chemicals from power stations, factories and exhaust fumes. One of the most dangerous pollutants nitrogen oxide appears when the gas burns in the ear engine. When oil, gas and coal born, they create sulphur dioxide. All this dangerous pollutants make acid rain. Acid rains does a lot of negative influence for environment especially for lakes, forests (it effects forest decline), countries crops, animal species. First usually is unable to acclimaze them water comisted and they extinct. In the middle of Europe acid rains made a lot of damage for forests especially for fir-trees. As we know 20.7% of all Lithuanian wooden are fir forests. To reduce acid rains damage, we must create new ecological cars, built fabrics with good equipments.