Acid rains

This name defines all kind of acid falls, i.e. acid contaminating of air, which can be placed in acid rain, fog or in acid snow too.

Kind of gasses are caused acid by four contaminating of air mainly oxide of sulfur – SxOy – mainly SO2, which is mined in time of incinerating mineral fuel i.e. carbon (charcoal; coal), petroleum, natural gas, as well as from sea water, volkanoes and schedule of organic stuff. They are caused it by plants contaminating mainly, koksownie and carbon power stations; oxide of nitrogen – NxOy or NOx it dates 50% of they from natural sources – near, in europe it is only 10 % natural origin. It is fabricated during 90% incinerate fuel mineral e.g. in carbon power stations and in transport; hydrocarbons C xHy from exhaust engines – dating; ozone O3 it is small at surface of land – concentrate ozone, at connection with NOx, it is increased hydrocarbons CxHy, harmful becomes by that;

Mentioned gasses build acids highly, with beads of waters in air connecting finding or acids drop on land on trees too building in water and soil.
Acid rains not enough, that they contaminate air, it has harmful influence on vegetation also, animals as well as on person.

Acid rains cause dying of amount of big tree, as well as destroying of forest fleece eats . Trees have broken down leaves, that causes excessive evaporation of water and disturbances in process of photosynthesis small immunity is on climatic conditions – result that .

Acid rains and other acid falls get for lakes, rivers and it similar headers, they acidulation causing and it eats for people making not transmittable and animals. Granite rocks build basis in ecosystems, which is extremely resistant on airing, it is not neutralized it in soil acid rain too, that causes high acidulation of lake. Fishes especially trouts – and salamons – stop reproduce and they disappear acid gradually water.

These results are visible in:
SWEDEN – where eliminated many sorts of fishes become in near 20 thousand lakes;
NORWAY – where acid poisoned 165 thousand km 2 lakes.

Smog at big concentration emerging SO2, CO2 and they contribute to generation of disease of respiratory match in wet air coal-dust and match of cruising, even can lead death. Acid rains acidulate water, that causes incrementation in different heavy metals leading many diseases.
Acid finding in water break down water-supply installations i.e. they cause corrosion , then that is connected with huge expenses on this purpose. Acid rains are world-wide problem. Many disruptions bear and has influence on our each aspect life. Activity of person is reason of creation mainly and he can hold on them only expansionism.