Looking for a job

Beginings :
1)i am writting in responce to your advertisment in yesterday’s “daily news”, concerning a holiday in summer school…
2)i am writting to ask if you would be so kind as to send me some information about intensive english courses…
3)i wonder if you could possibly send me nessecary information…
4)i am writting to enquire whether you could possibly inform me about english…
5)i wonder if i might ask you for your valuable advice on ..engl.courses.
6)i am sure you have been notified that i am the student who…
7)i wish to apply of the position from as advertized in daily knews
ends :
1)i hope that my request will not enqonvienience you too much
2)i hope that you will forgive me for taking up your valuable time.
3)i look forward to hearing from you.
4)i look forward to recieving yours apply.
5)i would like to thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter.
Junginiai :
In my opinion; to my mind; it seems to me at; as far as i am concerned;
The main advantage of; firstly; first of all; in the first place; secindly;
Thirdly; after that; further more; apart from this; mot only;as a result;
Naturally; actually; it is believed that; most people feel that; finally;
Lastly; on the whole; in short; to get used to;
Teirautis inf :
1)would like to ask about the flat to let
2)i wonder if i could use the bathroom
3)i am keen to know
4)i would also like to ask
5)it would be also helpful if you could send me…
6)if time permits we would like to explore the …