Which country i would prefer

If I would get a chance to emigrate, I would like to go to live to USA. I think I would choose Hawaii. This paradise consists mainly of the Hawaiian Islands and other islets unrelated geographically to the archipelago. In all, there are eight main islands and 124 islets, reefs, and shoals. I would choose biggest island. This island is in southeastern Hawaii State; it’s the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, in the central Pacific Ocean.

Who inspired me to choose this coountry and especially Hawaii Island? Well, firstly this island is very beautiful. Countryside is superb. Secondly you can easily find a job in travelling industry; on the other hand it is the best place to start
your own business whereas in Lithuania it is very hard to begin it.

However earthquake tremors are frequently felt in Hawaii, and tsunamis causes great damages for all people who live there.

Finally I would like to say that Hawaii are the best place to those who waant to live in the paradise.

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