Zodiako ženklai

Capricorn Dec 22nd – Jan 20th

Capricorn is a wee bit confusing. Capricorn – Capricornus is a Latin compound of “she-goat” (capra) and “horn” (cornus), which translates the original Greek Aegocerus, “goat-horned.” It is associated with being a Goat Horn, however it is also traditionally depicted as being a “sea goat” (a goat with a fish tail). Capricorn is linked to the glyph (graphical imagery) of the goat but one which has a fish for a tail. Capricornus is the Greek for goat horn.The mythology behind this sign is very complex and there is not one clear basis for the signs foundation qualities. One myth showed the son of Zeus, Aegipan, assisting Hermes with the recovery of Zeus from the grasp of Typhon. Aegipan then transformed himself into a goat fish in order to escape.Another is that the newborn Zeus was given milk, suckled, by a goat owned by Amalthea and the goat was then turned into the star Capella. In gratitude Zeus broke the horn of the goat off and gave it to Amalthea telling her that she would be able to fill it with all she wanted, thus the horn of plenty, or Cornucopia was formed. Capricorn is the last of the three Earth ruled elements. But it is also one of the four zodiac signs that have Cardinal Qualities, and is thus a leadership sign. Ruled by practical Saturn, Capricorns are the most stoic of zodiac signs and as the symbolism goes, their ascent or climb up the mountain of material and worldly success, is taken in a slow, but very determined and methodical manner. Capricorn people do sometimes find it hard to express the depth of their feelings which can be great indeed, indeed once opened up they can be very emotional. Is this the fish tail of the goat? Because of this or least their need to protect any vulnerability they can feel, they can seem aloof, cool, detached and almost icy at times. But look beneath the tip of this iceberg and there can be a very warm heart. Capricorns generally take responsibility very seriously, and can therefore be very dutiful in providing in the best way they can to those they care for. And Capricorns will rarely forget a good turn that someone has done them, yet conversely they may not either find it easy to forget a slight either. One of the less well known characteristics of Capricorns is that although they are often serious children, perhaps lacking in obvious emotional self-confidence, as they get older the ability to express the more playful and fun side of their natures can become much greater. In fact Capricorns have one of the most melodious of laughs and can be really great fun once they feel they can let their guard down. Over time some Capricorns may seem to get more and more child like which is a very charming and little acknowledged side of their nature. It is, however, true that Capricorn is the sign of business, of commerce and of wealth, but of course all of life’s systems require some basis of these qualities in order to function, so an essential foundation is provided by the sign.The ruler Saturn provides structure, but unfortunately can also be very restrictive, dour and limiting. Some would argue that Capricorn is the sign of big business, or conglomerates and vested interest which keeps money making at the centre of its objectives rather than the more balanced social approach of most of the major European economies. Capricorns can often end up as the captains of industry, for their ability to marshal resources effectively has few peers. Very often compulsively driven towards their targets little will knock a Goat off course once he of she has made a decision to climb their own particular peak. Although it would be entirely wrong to say that all Capricorns are obsessed with material success, the need to protect the timidity they often secretly feel, mean that a good financial basis to their lives is often essential to their sense of personal security.

Famous Capricorns include: Rev Martin Luther King, civil rights activist, Johannes Kepler, Astrologer and Astronomer, physicist and philosopher Sir Isaac Newton, former US President, Richard Nixon, singer Nat King Cole and football figures; Bryan Robson, Sir Alex Ferguson and Terry Venables.

Aquarius Jan 21st – Feb 19th

Aquarius – called by the Greeks Hydrochoos, “the Water-Pourer.” “Aquarius” is a Latin translation of the Greek name. According to the most ancient sources, Hydrochoos was considered to be Ganymede, the beloved cupbearer of Zeus (the chief Olympian god). Other later versions say that Aquarius was Deucalion, a Greek Noah, who was (with his wife) the only survivor of a great flood. People new to astrology often get confused by the imagery of Aquarius because although known as the water carrier, the elemental rulership of the sign is Air and thus intellectually driven. So where does the original link with the water carrier emanate from? Well, essentially it is not so much as carrying or pouring water, as about the flow of ideas. Hence the glyph (graphic of this sign) which shows usually two but traditionally sometimes three zigzag lines, of the movement of water. In this sense the water carrier can be linked to propagating high ideals, forwarding the concerns of humankind not just of the individual, though paradoxically Aquarians can be the most individualistic of all signs. The sign of Aquarius does in some ways therefore tie in with the concept of baptism, of true spiritual leadership and dissemination of truth. The planets which co-rule Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus and although its elemental rulership is Air, its quality, or mode of activity, is Fixed, thus enabling Aquarians to work patiently towards long term goals. Saturn is stable and also patient but by contrast Uranus gives Aquarians a certain unpredictability, sometimes a chaotic influence. So here there is a basic conflict which usually shows itself by Aquarians adhering strongly to some patterns of personal behavior, yet being foresighted, even quite brilliant in recognising the needs of others, future trends or scientific discoveries. Sun Aquarians have included Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens and USA presidents Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan. The British Prime Minister Harold McMillan was an Aquarian and Tony Blair has an Aquarian Moon and William Hague an Aquarian Ascendent. Robbie Williams is an Aquarian, as is star gazer Russell Grant. England football managers, Sven Goran Ericsson, Kevin Keegan, Bobby Robson and Sir Alf Ramsey were all born under the sign. Sun sign astrology, by its very nature, can make the mistake of humping people into set characteristics. No sign reveals the folly of this more than with Aquarius, for water carriers revel in individuality more than any other sign but there are some common themes which reflect either the more luddite or more pioneering side of the two ruling signs.So, in basic terms, Aquarians are usually fond of honesty (however subjective that may be) can make very loyal friends, dislike pettiness, love a good old debate, and need to feel mentally stimulated. However, there can be a tendency to try to get others to change to their will, yet as in any socially reforming situation, this could obviously be much to the good. The stability of Saturn can also make way to sudden and powerful changes of mood and a moral or a principle can often be at the root of this. Never accuse an Aquarian of an untruth unless you are sure of your facts. But this more unexpected, sometimes explosive tendency of Aquarians is also what can give them a touch of genius and as leaders, bond people together for a common cause. An Aquarian can seem reasonable, gentle and equable, but should never be underestimated for more than any sign those born under this sign have the courage to be true to themselves rather than follow what others demand.


May 22nd – Jun 21st

Gemini – “Gemini” is the Latin translation of the Greek Didymoi, “the Twins.” Many potential candidates were suggested as Gemini_s original twins, but many ancient sources attribute them to being Castor and Pollux.

Gemini symbolises unity and strength of action and is said to be “the Messenger of the Gods” and communication is the key issue with all Gemini_s and their activities. The glyph (the graphic of this sign) is of the twins holding hands, these were known as Simeon and Levi and the mystical connection being of soul mates. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Think of the liquid qualities of this metal and you quickly get an idea of how mass moves astonishingly quickly, but together. Quicksilver is another rather splendid metaphor for this sign. Incidentally, and perhaps not obviously in this context; the saying “Mad as a hatter” comes from the use of mercury by hat makers in the shaping process. Yet there is sometimes a rather manic and bizarre aspect to Gemini_s – though not all of the time – which ties in with splendidly with the imagery of the Mad March Hare! Gemini is also an Air element sign, though its quality is mutable, perhaps this mixture of airy intellectual grasp of life, plus an inherent appetite for new stimulating experiences gives the Twins the unfair reputation for duality. Whilst this may seem to be true, and no doubt is sometimes, what is more likely to be the case is that Gemini_s are simply able to see things from many different angles and can be extremely flexible in their outlook. Some rather more fixed signs could find this irritating, but the reality is that Gemini people often think so quickly on their feet it can be hard to keep up with them. When you do a charming and disarming excuse can be hard to argue with! What Gemini_s do need to learn is to be aware of the way in which their inherent changability can ruffle feathers if they fail to communicate with others with their partners feelings firmly in mind. Problems can occur because of the denial of emotional basis which sometimes Gemini people can suffer from. This not only can make them seem out of touch with others but also themselves. Generally, Gemini_s take little pleasure in probing into the depths of their souls, for in their view, everything must have a logical reason or purpose. This does give Gemini_s tremendous skills in terms of sales, PR, marketing, teaching, training, telecommunications, acting, writing or working in the media new or old. But above all else they must feel mentally alive and alert in what they do.Famous Gemini_s include: President John F. Kennedy, Hollywood legends Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe, singer Bob Dylan, and media pundit and ex professional footballer Alan Hansen, Rolling Stones Charlie Watts and Ronnie Woods – oh and Chris Forrester who designed this site !

Virgo Aug 24th – Sep 23rd

Virgo – “the Virgin” in Latin, whose Greek name was Parthenos. Confusion and chaos run wild in the naming of and mythology behind the constellation of Virgo (I bet that drives Virgos crazy!). Ancient sources do agree on associating Virgo with the maiden aspect of what_s called the “tripartite Mother Goddess” (maiden, mother, crone). After that, it_s anybody_s best guess as to who Virgo was. According to Theony Condos (Star Myths), Virgo was associated with Dike, Demeter, Tyche (Fortuna), Thespia, Kore (aka Persephone), Eileithyaia (goddess of childbirth), Athena, and Hecate.

The mythology behind this sign is complex and does not clearly relate to its values or if it does, in two differing ways. Traditionally the constellation of Virgo is said to represent a young women holding a sheaf or ear of corn, linking the sign to Demeter, the Greek Goddess of the harvest.

Yet because Virgo is the sign often related to good health or hygiene practices, the Goddess Hygeia is also a good fit. Though it is true to say that many Virgo’s do end up working in food production, or at least in service based roles which bear out the original myth.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, but some astrologers link the comet Chiron, “the wounded healer” to the sign. Mercury is of course the ruler of Gemini but where that sign has an Air element, Virgo is ruled by Earth. The Quality of Virgo is Mutable, thus we have a blend of dry minded analytical skills that go right to the core, to the earth of situations yet is also flexible and fluid. The classic archetype of this sign is a person who is obsessive about everything being very tidy. This is far from being exactly the case. Like any sign, Virgo’s have many contradictions and it’s not so much that everything has to be perfect or ordered, as much as life having a generally uncomplicated feel. Many a Virgo will revel in chaotic order, a mixed metaphor if there ever was one. Virgo’s biggest weakness can be any over preoccupation with the minutiae of life. This can give them an almost forensic eye for detail but only on the things that they want to see! In fact a big difficulty comes from finding it hard to see the bigger picture of life. Together with a generally pessimistic, or at least cautious outlook, this can make Virgo’s talk down situations that other signs would see as basically sound. It is a fact that many Virgo people end up in some kind of service role and they can make excellent herbalists, psychotherapists, homeopaths, nurses and doctors because of their gift for helping others in practical, but healing ways and of penetrating to the core of peoples problems.Many an organic grower would also be born under this sign, because Virgo’s often have an almost 6th sense about what is sound to eat and dietary matters. But in any occupation where Virgo’s can demonstrate their attention to detail and provide a worthy support to others, they can flourish. Virgo’s can get fretful if life does not run exactly as they want and this can see them become resentful, irritable and defensive. What shows up on the surface with Virgo’s probably has its root cause deeper down and they need to strive to work there own complic


Mar 21st – Apr 19th

Aries – Latin for “the Ram” (Krios in Greek), not to be confused with the Greek war-god Ares. Aries the ram is connected with several different possible rams in mythology.

Aries represents the first zodiac sign. It is therefore closely allied to taking the initiative, new starts, courageous acts and daring thrusts. The glyph (graphic of this sign) is of the Ram and Aries symbolises the spring, new beginnings and of course is a Fire element sign and its mode of activity is represented by one of the three leadership Cardinal qualities. The planetary ruler of this sign is Mars and therefore Aries people are often bold, energetic and make natural leaders. Yet it is often an underrated fact that this is the sign of intuition and very often Aries people make decisions on a hunch, at times when a rapid choice can see them capitalise on an opportunity that others would prefer to take a slower more considered view of. However, the down side of this can see Aries people become too impulsive, and not take enough time to weigh situations up, when it would patently be better to do so.However, sustainability is usually more difficult for Aries to embrace for generally they have short attention spans, preferring to move onto the next exciting project rather than get bogged down in the minutiae of fine details. Some later born Aries may buck this tendency however.With out doubt every situation in life requires a seminal moment or a person who can inject the kind of initiating energy to get schemes off the ground, it just may be that the typical Aries would rather get someone else to come along and run the show in the longer term.

However, it is unfair to brand all Aries people as being egoist_s – though some can be – for many Aries people especially early born ones, can be remarkably gentle. This can be to do with the way Venus and Mercury follow in close tandem to the Sun but not always in the same sign. In other words in Pisces.Famous Aries people include astrological icon Linda Goodman, performers Charlie Chaplin and Marlon Brando, musicians Elton John and Eric Clapton and Lord Jeff of Belmarsh prison, none other than Jeffrey Archer !

Leo Jul 24th – Aug 23rd

Leo – Latin for “the Lion”, called Leon in the original Greek. No controversy here. Ancient sources relate that the Lion was known as being the King of all the beasts. Most of the ancient sources, likewise identify this lion as being the beast known as the Nemean Lion, which Hercules had to dispose of in the 1st of his 12 Labors. The sign of Leo relates to the Sun itself. The life centre of all the universe, Leo represents the heart of the Grand Man and is the second of the Fire signs. The glyph (graphical imagery) of the lion for Leo is not based on any firm mythological background, although Leo is Greek for lion and of course lionhearted and the king of the beasts are obvious connotations. This link to the heart is shown by the generosity of Leo people for they can be truly caring and kind to those they love. In a more detached way this can be represented by paternalism, for in essence although the Leo person wants to help out, they often want to be recognised for it too and thus maintain some kind of status within their giving. The is need for recognition and executive position makes the Leo the natural leader of the zodiac. Yet there is a basic contradiction in so far as Leo has a Fixed quality, therefore capable of working patiently towards long term goals, but generally not so hot on getting schemes off the ground, not least as an individual. If a Leo can manage other people such “start-up” situations become much less daunting. Leo_s have a justifiable reputation for having a rather noble, even royal disposition, high foreheads and a long mane of blond hair are common for example. Their regal reputation is often deserved in so far as how nurturing they can be to those they care for. Truly the warm radiating love of a Leo, is to beheld. Yet on the other hand Leo_s can be egotistical, promoting a grand presence that cultivates people all around (their court subjects) who provide the necessary stroking and preening that can drive other, either shrewder or more introverted signs, absolutely nuts. But all signs have negative attributes and a Leo can often provide much needed warmth, love and affection to situations as well as their true authority.Their vanity can often hide the basic insecurity that they live with more than any other sign, the fear that someone won_t like them or more accurately won_t admire or look up to them, although generally, self-doubt is not something Leo_s readily subscribe to. Famous Leo_s are: Musician Mick Jagger, Football Managers Lawrie McNemmeny and Ossie Ardiles, HRH Princess Anne, and French Emperor Napolean Bonaparte.

Cancer Jun 22nd – Jul 23rd

Cancer – “the Crab” (Karkinos in Greek, Cancer in Latin); according to most ancient authorities, the crab was one of Hera_s animals. This particular crab was the crab which was unceremoniously crushed by Hercules in his 2nd of 12 labors. With a glyph (graphical image) of the Crab, the sideways or backward motions of this creature may well illustrate Cancerians preference for avoiding direct conflict, but have you ever tapped a crab shell? Yes of course, it is very hard and this is a sign not to be underestimated. For a Sun sign Cancer is unique in that it is ruled by the Moon, is a Water element sign and thus sensitive, every changing, shimmering and sometimes very subjective. The archetype of course is that Cancerians are supposed to spend most of their time chained to the kitchen sink. Try telling Nick Faldo!

Cancer represents the universal mother, the energy which provides the essence of life force, or sustainability. Though often enigmatic those born under this sign are rarely dull. Traditional astrology sees Cancer as being a negative sign, not that it is negative to be a Cancerian, but simply that it is reflective, introverted, and assessing all around with a well practised eye. But of course the way Cancerian_s absorb information is more sensory than many signs.In any given situation a Cancer person will decide if they feel comfortable or not. If they do not, little logical persuasion will alter their thinking. “I feel” would be a good way to describe how Cancerian_s go through life, but this way of sensing what goes on around them should not be mistaken for being weak. Cancer people like any other sign can be vulnerable and one of the life tasks of Cancer people is to confront their fears in a logical way and through this better balance both their intuitive and intellectual faculties but they can be formidable too remember it has a Cardinal Quality giving great powers of leadership.People born under this sign are often marvellous managers of resources, and can make brilliant Chief Executive Officers. Their wisdom in such situations comes from being both pragmatic and able to blend together a group of people who will work with loyalty and application. Cancer people can also make excellent carers, therapists and counsellors for their natural sensitivity and ability to tune into people can see them anticipate how people feel before they even express it. This is however where Cancers can run into trouble, because sometimes they can be so wrong in their judgement of situations and can be incredibly subjective. Challenge a Cancer and they find it hard and can be irritable and defensive and can show great anger when roused. This is where natural sensitivity is replaced by a great deal of force. However generally, Cancer_s are conciliatory in their approach to life, recognising that consensus provides greater long term momentum than any other energy. Famous Cancer_s include: President George W. Bush, Diana Spencer, Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor, musician/DJ Norman Cook, actor and financial pundit Adam Faith, boxer Mike Tyson and Sunday Times astrologer Shelley Von Strunckle!

TaurusApr 20th – May 21stTaurus – this constellation takes its name from the Greek Tauros, meaning “the Bull.” In the most ancient versions, Zeus (chief Olympian god) fell in love with Europa, daughter of the king of Tyre. For some strange reason, Zeus transformed himself into the shape of a beautiful white bull in order to attract Europa to him. Even more oddly, his rather unusual plan worked perfectly. Europa was so taken away with the beauty and gentility of the white bull that she climbed onto the white bull_s back. Europa was then carried away by Zeus (still in the form of the bull) to Crete. Later versions say that the bull was merely a messenger of the god, Zeus – who then delivered Europa to Zeus on Crete. As the zodiac unfolds, and after the trail blazing and initiating energy of Aries, comes stable, patient Taurus helping to make sense and add structure and form. The glyph (graphic of this sign) is of the Bull. Yet paradoxically the ruling planet of this sign is Venus the planet of love and beauty. Whilst Taurans can be willful and stubborn, they are also capable of being very gentle too. The symbolism of Taurus is of procreation, of all natural reproductive forces. In mythology, it was said that Aphrodite was represented as wearing two horns on her head to imitate a bull. But within this there is also a weird tie-up here between Mars and Venus, the two yet very different planets of love and sexuality. In terms of material resources and the unfolding of the zodiac, the Fixed quality of Taurus along with its elemental rulership of Earth often makes Taurans highly concerned with values, though not necessarily materialism – though this can be a failing.

Some Taurans find great happiness living a very simple life. This could be in working part-time, making the most of an allotment or small holding and improving their homes through the patient marshaling of resources. Yet other Taurans can take great pleasure in a totally calorific lifestyle of much wine and good food and plenty of excursions to the shopping mall to indulge in some serious retail therapy. Not only can this stretch the patience of their personal banker but also the elastic in their waistlines !But the bigger picture shows Taurans to be constant, able to work towards long term goals but who can get stuck in ruts of beliefs or attitudes which makes them closed to evolving as easily as some signs. Taurans are without doubt very sensual however, and make ardent lovers and stable long term partners. However, obstinate sometimes jealous attitudes, can be very damaging to relationships and Taurans can have a tendency to try to take the object of their affection away from other distractions, which over time can starve the relationship of air and new influences. Famous Taurans include: Queen Elizabeth II, reformer Oliver Cromwell, playright Will Shakespear, Adolph Hitler, daddy of analysists_ Sigmund Freud, singer/actress Cher and footballer David Beckham.

Sagittarius Nov 23rd – Dec 21st

Sagittarius – “the Archer” in Latin, called Toxotes in Greek. Of all the 12 zodiac signs, Sagittarius has what likely could be considered as the most controversial and/or disputed origin. Most modern sources (and apparently some ancient sources) like to identify Sagittarius, the archer, with a kindly mentor centaur (horse with a man_s body from the waist up), Chiron (or Cheiron). Most centaurs were wild, warring, lustful beasts. However – kindly, wise Chiron was the exception to this rule, and he was a teacher/mentor to many of the Greek heroes (such as Achilles, Jason, and Asclepius).

Even people with limited knowledge of astrology, would know this sign is associated with that of the Archer with the glyph (graphical imagery) showing the Centaur pulling back its bow ready to fire. The mythology of this sign is complex. Sagittarius is said to represent half beast half man. It has been argued that the lower, or base instincts of Sagittarian_s is linked to the animal and the signs potential to be inspirational and refined to the man. A flawed argument? Probably!This sign is the third of the Fire signs, but its Quality is Mutable or flexible. Sagittarian_s can be restless souls, if not physically, perhaps they are always searching for some kind of dramatic excitement – though this can make them bold and fearless. A big part of the Sagittarian need is that of freedom. Of course at their best this can see them working for the rights of others, but at the worst this can see them be fickle and unprepared to work within the same parameters as anybody else. But Sagittarians can be very amiable, cheerful and optimistic. A determined Archer is a sight to behold, for very little will inhibit them once they have put their mind to a major goal. Indeed the greater the challenge the more they enjoy it. But curiously, a Sagittarians passion for something can go from red hot to ice cold very quickly, perhaps demonstrating the more mutable qualities of the sign.Often Sagittarian_s are pioneers. Opening up wider horizons gives them a real buzz so they are the zodiac_s natural backpackers. This also applies well to philosophical issues, natural history, further and higher education and religion all have close links with the sign. At a more mundane level the saying “onwards and upwards” would perfectly reflect the Sagittarian_s mentality. It also ruled by the planet Jupiter, in itself the planet of expansion and good fortune. However, this can perhaps make some Sagittarian_s too consumed with expanding their resources. This in its most negative sense can see social climbing and a mad push for increased status. However, generally, Sagittarians are hearty, friendly souls, open minded and progressive.

ScorpioOct 24th – Nov 22nd

Scorpio – Latin for “the Scorpion” (Skorpios in Greek). This fearsome Scorpion figured in an argument between the wild, untamed, virgin goddess of the hunt, Artemis and the legendary gigantic Greek hunter, Orion. There are at least three versions as to the reason for this argument between Artemis and Orion. However, in each version of the story, Artemis used her Scorpion to sting and kill the hunter Orion.

This sign has a well known association with desire, intensity, passionate actions, and transformation. Scorpio is ruled by two planets; Pluto and more traditionally Mars. Its glyph (graphical imagery) varies because the snake and eagle are also associated with this sign. Because of this there is not one myth which is wholly dominates Scorpio. The Goddess Artemis was said to have called upon a giant Scorpion to protect her from attack, possibly a sexual one from Orion. However, an alternative version says that jealousy may also have been a motive.The snake can symbolise the transformational qualities of Pluto. As it sheds its skins so it evolves into a new being. The eagle on the other hand is linked to someone able to rise above the more basic instincts of this sign, evolving into a higher person and flying into the glorious blue sky! However, because this sign is much based on ends and finishes, life and death, the eagle could be like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a previous incarnation. The contradictions that effect most signs occur with Scorpio too. This is a Fixed sign therefore capable of sustained and lengthy application to a task in hand. Yet it is also ruled by the Water element and so Scorpio people can stick at things through thick or thin, and then wham, a big change will occur and a completely new more fluid cycle can be initiated. But essentially Scorpio people don_t find change easy to accept, and this sees them cling to situations they_d have been better to let go of way before. Of course this sign has a rather Machiavellian image, of subterfuge, cunning amoral tactics, and rampant sexual desire. Scorpio is said to rule the sexual organs because of the reproductive potential of the sign and people born under Scorpio can indeed be manipulative, scheming, and self-indulgent. But it easy to be extreme (although Scorp_s sometimes are) and forget the many virtues of the sign. They have an uncanny knack of penetrating to the core of issues, and because of this can make tremendous analysts be it through emotional work or in the financial sector. And this is also the sign of forward planning and property development, many a banker or broker is ruled by Scorpio, as would be morticians, pathologists, funeral directors and financial controllers. Of course there are negative characteristics which are very true and Scorpio_s can remember a minor slight, hold grudges, be compulsively jealous, and seek vengeance. In so doing they can very often “destroy” themselves. Often they are a law unto themselves and can be quarrelsome and argumentative. But the counter arguments for the positive side of Scorpio people is true too, and many Scorpio_s are serene, kindly and gentle people and possess great practical sympathy. And their ability to embrace evolution, their drive and purpose and fixed will, can make them very valuable members of the zodiac.Famous Scorpio_s include: Painter Pablo Picasso, Prince Charles, musician_s Bill Wyman and Art Garfunkle and footballer Paul Scholes.


Sep 24th – Oct 23rd

Libra – Latin for “the Balance” or “the Scales”, from the equivalent Greek word Zygos. This sign was originally called, “the Claws”, which were attached to the constellation Scorpio; the later idea of a balance most likely derived from the relative equality of day and night at the autumnal equinox. According to Michael Macrone (By Jove) at first Scorpio held the scales in his claw, but then the scales were transferred to Virgo, who used them to weigh competing claims and thus to dispense her justice. Looks like in ancient times, poor Libra just kept getting jockeyed back and forth… back and forth… back and forth… Seems as if the ancients had trouble making up their mind about Libra.

Libra has the well known association with justice, or at least with balance based on its glyph (graphical imagery) of a set of scales. Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love, beauty and aesthetics, and Libra people often do display a kind of graceful elegance and poise or are attracted to possessions or people who have it. The mythology behind the sign suggests that the Goddess Astrae, the daughter of Themis and Zeus, was set on spreading virtuous deeds amongst person kind. Yet the link with the scales could be older still, with Egyptian mythology indicating that scales were used to weigh hearts to see how heavy, thus how good they were. But the Quality of Venus is Cardinal, and so despite the apparent deference of Libran_s, they are in fact leaders, people capable of initiating action. This blended with the Air element of Libra can make them progressive, ideological and forward thinking people, concerned with social welfare and the reformation of systems. Essentially Libra people like to relate to others, yet although the sign may appear to be feminine, it is in fact a positive, masculine sign. There is an inherent contradiction as well. Very often Libra men display more gentle virtues, while Libran women can be more overtly assertive. It is said that Libran_s can be fickle, shallow and indecisive. These unfair generalised archetypes, even if they might sometimes be true, disguise the passion of Libran_s who can display a fierce determination if they feel they have been done down or cheated. The can also stand up for those unable to do so for themselves. the dexterity of their mental processes, the ability to “weigh” each side of an argument may at times make them seem like fence sitters but once a Libran is really motivated little will budge he or she from their assumed position. The charm that Libran_s use really can coax the birds out of the trees, but even if they are often hugely diplomatic, their desire to get their own way can often simmer just beneath the surface. If roused a Libran can also show great force of character perhaps displaying some of the attributes of their opposite zodiac sign of Aries. Creating a home which is tranquil, perhaps understated with minimalist touches, or espousing old world charm, elegance and class may not be far away. Of course the negative side of this can see Libran_s get caught up in “grand” projects, ones that lack substance, and are all gloss, and designed to make the maximum impression – but then heh, no one is perfect! Famous Libra_s include musician Sting, Labour spin miester Peter Mandleson, former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, TV Journalist Anna Ford, footballer Paul Ince and Indian Icon Ghandi.

Pisces Feb 20th – Mar 20th

Pisces called Ichtyes (“the fishes”) by the Greeks, “Pisces” being the Latin translation. In the constellation of Pisces there_s a big fish and a little fish. Aphrodite and her son, Ichthus (some versions say the god Eros was her son), were being pursued by a huge monster fish by the name of Typhon. In order to escape their nasty, monstrous pursuer, Aphrodite turns herself and her son into fishes. Together they then hid from the monster fish, Typhon, in the Euphrates River. Aphrodite (symbolizing in this case “the great mother”) is the big fish and Ichthus is the small fish… Pisces people, symbolically, are said to represent the total lessons of all the zodiac signs, being the last of the twelve. Governed by the Water element, this zodiac sign is closely allied to its traditional ruler Neptune, that of illumination and dreams – although Jupiter the planet of principles and faith is also associated to Pisces.The glyph (graphic of this sign) is of two fishes swimming in opposing directions their mouths joined by a line suggesting that with Pisces people their lives and emotions are often ebbing and flowing and essentially are changeable. This is reinforced by the Mutable, almost malleable, quality of Pisceans.

Yet from a spiritual viewpoint, this is the sign which is concerned with Christianity and of universal peace and tranquillity, yet as we all know many a war has been fought in the name of religions. Essentially Pisces people feel things and don_t absorb information in the way of other more logical or intuitive signs do. They can seem like dreamers and sometimes can be very unworldly, overly idealistic and drift along in life.The water element can make Pisces emotional, sensitive, kind and understanding. Often they are found to work in important but behind the scenes support roles, healing or assisting others. Yet Pisces people are have the Mutable quality which can find them struggling to sustain their commitment to situations, living in the past, or skirting around problems which are best confronted. But Pisces can also be wonderfully creative and artistic and may Pisces people do hold executive positions, perhaps using the flexibility of their approach to deal with office or corporate politics with great dexterity. Famous Pisces people include actress Elizabeth Taylor, inventors Albert Einstein and Alexander Bell and USA president George Washington. British astrologer and writer Nicholas Campion as well as Singer Terence Trent D_Arby and football figures Kenny Dalglish and Ron Atkinson are all Pisces.