Youth Problems

Every pupil dreams of graduating secondary school with good marks, passing his exams and entering university. Trying to reach this purpose we come across with lots of problems, which make our life much more difficult. Unfortunately, adults pay no attention to these problems and the only people who are trying to solve them are teenagers themselves.To start with, lots of teenagers who are only thinking how to start living on their own, do not know what profession to choose and often choose the wrong one, that they do not really like to or they are not able to study. This problem looks ridiculous, but just imagine what consequences can it cause! As you know, on what profession you choose depends all your life. If you choose wrong profession you can doom yourself for unhappy life, because you will not feel satisfaction while working or, what is worse, you will not find a job you are able to work at all. Young people understand this and often feel stress while trying to choose the right profession or thinking whether he or she made right decision. Reliable solution to this problem is to choose your future carrier very carefully – using various tests that could help you to make the decision.The other problem I would like to talk about is extremely actual for those who are preparing for their exams. It is that school children not always know how to match their hobbies and activities with learning. Lots of teenagers do not know how to match love with learning as well. That’s very sad, because this, combined with other problems I have mentioned sometimes can cause real catastrophe – a youngster can fail to enter the university he wonted and in that way to destroy all hopes to get the profession he was dreaming about. Unfortunately, it is hard to find universal solution for this problem – everybody should find the ( aukso viduri ) by himself.

To my mind, the most important youth problem I was preparing to talk about is not only school leaver’s problem, but although problem of all our generation. Actually, it pretends to be written next to such global problems as drugs and alcoholism because of how easy it can ruin the teenager’s life. That problem is youth irresponsibility for what are they doing. It is hard to imagine that lots of tvelwthformers still do not understand how difficult their situation is – I know lots of teenagers who will graduate secondary school this or next year and who still haven’t started preparing for their exams. As a rule, such youngsters usually think that everything gonna be all right and are sure that they will pass their exams with high marks, but months are passing by and they still do nothing. To my mind, not to do your best in this extremely important period of life is the easiest way to ruin your future – you do not even need to buy alcohol or drugs and the consequences can be the same.To put everything to a nutshell I would like to say that although particularly all pupils come across with these problems, a big part of them, fortunately, find ways how to deal with them and in that way make a huge step to fulfil their biggest dream – to enter the university. To end my speech I would like to wish that every pupil could find the solution to these problems.