You’ve got the mail

Nora Ephron directed ‘You’ve Got Mail’. It is based on the fairly tale about two peoples love. Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly and Tom Hanks as Joe Fox. Also in this film play others actor like Greg Kenner, Parker Posey, Jean Stapleton, Danny Coleman and so.

Kathleen Kelly is mistress of bookstore “The Shop Around the Corner”. She has a writer boyfriend (Greg Kenner). She has been recently sending honest and intimate e-mails over AOL. They have decided to keep th heir identities anonymous. What Kathleen doesn’t know is that her secret e-mail buddy is actually Joe Fox. He has his own hyper and giddy girlfriend. But him plans for the future is to open a more bookstore on the same street, threatening Kathleen’s business. The gimmick for the film is that these two people have grown to love each other over the Internet, even though they are feuding in real life.

“You’ve Got Mail”, is a sleek, well-photographed romantic comedy. One of f the biggest problems with the film is that there didn’t appear to be any attempt to make an original film. I will not criticize Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
The film was never boring, but also never what I wo

ould consider entertaining. Basically, it just seemed to sit there. It amazed me how little could be accomplished, even though the running time is overstretched to two hours. Hanks and Ryan, like always, have a great deal of chemistry together, and I liked their characters. I recommended it for all sensitive peoples. I can’t forget it. It always be in my mind.

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