The computers

Well, first I would like to talk about the history of computers and Internet. The development of computers is rooted in the abacus and calculating devices. The history of computers goes back to 1950, when Charles Babbage constructed first computer in the world. It was named “analytical engine”. Since earliest times, people have always interested in new technologies. Computers have formed an important people point about new technologies like Internet, e-mail, wireless device and other. The development of digital computers is ro

ooted in the abacus and calculating devices. The first computer in the world was “analytical engine” constructed by Charles Babbage. The history of transistorised computers goes back to 1950, when supplanted first-generation computers. The 1990 were characterized by the development of the microprocessor and the evolution of increasingly smaller but powerful computers. Recent developments in the field include wireless technologies and amplification of Internet. I can’t see computer without Internet. Nowadays computers make our communication easier. It is a kind of leisure ac
ctivity. It is truly important that information on the Internet is available any time. At this time we have very powerful and quite cheap computers. In my opinion hereafter of computers are very bright, because we need them daily. I ca
annot conceive why old people feared new technologies. Certainly it has some disadvantages: can damage eyesight, it is machine you cannot clasp or have talk with it. Who knows what will happen in the future. maybe human melt into thin air. Computers and robots will occupy The Earth. As long as people live need the computer, because it is an assistant, which helps in all situations. I can’t imagine my life without computer.