William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the greatest dramatist and writers in the world. He is famous for his tragedies, comedies, tragicomedies, historical plays. In his plays he discusses world-wide problems, he laughs and make us laugh together, but he doesn_t criticise anybody. His plays may also be called poetic dramas and William was the first who have introduced this new genre into literature. William Shakespeare is famous not only for his dramas, but also for his sonnets. Despite he was not the first who began to write such poems, but he was the most famous sonnet_s writers in England in that period. His sonnets are very professional and similar to small miniatures. He wrote one hundred fifty four sonnets at all. Sonnets from (1-126) were dedicated to his friend and the rest were dedicated to the “Dark Lady”. These sonnets to a friend are full of considerations and doubts. The main idea of this is friendship, he describes his minds, nature, his feelings and emotions, time love and beauty. The sonnets from (127-154) is dedicated to the “Dark Lady”. There he writes about his love. In these poems he describes her rather strange type of beauty, her hairs is like wires, lips like corals , eyes like the sun. Her beauty is not typical, but poet is in love with that strangeness. The sonnet 66 is very similar to Hamlet_s soliloquy. The person of the poem is depressed, thinks about death but is scared to leave everything. W.Shakespeare began to write sonnets in 1592 and wrote until 1598 , but the first collection of his sonnets appeared in 1609. At all he wrote one hundred fifty four sonnets, that are now translated into many languages and people can enjoy reading his sonnets and other works .