There is one beautiful place in USA , in the state of New Jersey, – Wildwood. It’s quite small town, but in the summer time it’s one of the most visited towns in the area of Philadelphia. You may wonder -why? It’s all because of Wildwood’s location & it’s variety of entertainment. Wildwood is located on the shore of the Atlantic ocean, so you can reach it from any place of this town, because Wildwood actually is an island- one side of town is surrounded by narrow canals, meanwhile the other side of it lays by the ocean. So you can just imagine the multiplicity of amusement you can choose here! Moreover Wildwood has even three attraction parks, collocated one after another on the boardwalk. Boardwalk is also attractive by it’s small shops, tiny malls, restaurants, ice-cream houses, coffee- houses & dozens of people! Every Saturday night all the visitors gather together for a superb firework show, which is also on the boardwalk, so as you already could notice- all the main action is located on the boardwalk. That’s why it’s called the center of the Wildwood. Besides the boardwalk Wildwood has it’s remarkably gorgeous streets- they are all decorated with colorful bricks, reminding of the waves in the ocean. Even the signs with the names of the streets improvise palms & in winter time they are made to be snowflakes, Santa’s gift socks and Christmas trees. There are a lot of churches of a different belief in this town, it’s because of the variety of nations in this community- there are a lot of people from Europe, particularly from Ireland, Italy, Greece. They all came here during the World War II & stayed till these days. All in all there isn’t a lot of real Americans in this town- just a few.

Wildwood also has it’s own theatre, entertainment center, not talking about nightclubs- there is even a separate street for them! That street is very popular when there’s some kind of show in this town, like bikers show, motorcycles show, old cars show, brand new cars show, monster trucks show & etc. There’s also all kind of business in this town- from restaurants, law offices, banks, stores, beauty salons, golf clubs, fitness, pharmacies, to paintball clubs or water sports. So, in my opinion , Wildwood is really the most suitable place for you to relax and have fun, release yourself from the speed of the city or just to breathe fresh air and romantically spend the whole day on the offshore of the Atlantic ocean.