Why the Adelheid Popp is Significant?

Adelheid Popp seems to be a simple woman who worked in a factory, as all women did. But she was not an ordinary workingwoman; she was an influential socialist leader. Though she was born in a poor working-class family, she did not have good education because she was forced to quit the school at the age of 10 and to start working. Despite that she was one of the persons who did something good, without a lot of power.
She was not ann ordinary woman from the beginning. As the work days were very hard, working 12 hours a day, she was not like others and found free time to read book or newspapers. In some way she educated herself. Other working-class people did not find free time to look what is going on in the world, but she did, she liked that.
As she was one of those enlightened woman in the factory, she began to teach, to inform those women about evverything what happened in the world. It was just fun for her, or pleasure to tell them everything about it. She liked that, but, in my opinion, she did not know what she had really done. In some way she wa

as a leader even then because people were interested what she was telling to them.
It seemed strange to me that factory’s authority did nothing against her revolutionary ideas. She did not only retell the events, but talked a lot about oppression and exploitation. She was one of those people who saw what was happening and tried to show it to others.
Though Adelheid Popp was an ordinary woman, she was significant because of her leader position. She showed to working-class women what was going on in the world, the reality of it, without a huge power because she was from the poor working-class family.

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