Why can watching television be harmful?

Some time ago when there was no TV, people were happier. They had much more time to read books and talk to each other. Now all our free time we spend on watching TV. When there was no TV our imagination developed. I don’t know is TV useful.

There are a lot of disadvantages about TV. At first: TV has bad influence on children and teenagers. There are a lot of stupid fables on TV. There are episodes like about man, who falls down of the window from the 10 Th. floor, and suddenly he can stand up and go away. If children used that kind activity in their own life, I’m sure, that the results would be tragic.

In films there are more and more violence, and often that kind of films have big influence on teenagers. So, I think that children under 18 shouldn’t watch films with violence. And there should be partition on films for teenagers and elder.

When someone watches TV very often, it is really difficult to makes someone to stop it. Than we can say that someone is dependent to television.

I would like to write about competition called teleaudio on TV. Truly that competition is only for naive people. TV wants to stretch people to very expensive phone call. A lot of people call to teleaudio because the questions are really simple.

TV damages our eyes and make that we limit our life’s horizons.

A lot of psychologists said that in many houses TV was like the substitution mother or other protector. Children, who was education on TV have emotion’s disorder trouble in concentration and they can’t express they own mind. The younger children spend a lot of time on watching TV the harder they adapt in human’s reality. Psychologists decided that children shouldn’t watch TV longer that 90 minutes a day. A lot of children, who don’t get good standard from their parents often apply the pattern which they met on TV. And sometimes the results after that kind of activity are very dangerous.