When people succeed it is because of hard work

When people succeed it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success

Every person wants to be successful in their lives. They have been trying their best, studying or working hard to reach what they wish for. Some people believe that success is about hard work. To a certain point, I would agree that some people are succeeded due to their hard working , but I do believe that luck also plays an important part in another people’s life as well.

I believe that luck is also needed to be accomplished. This is because one has to be in the right place at the right time. That’s why some people always carry some kind of talismans or chokers. Sometimes hard work not gives us the results that we expected and it might broke human down, so that’s why people need to believe in luck and be ready for everything.

On the one hand, if people will rely on only luck they won’t get anything, truly luck with us but it helps only when we are working hardly. For example: in difficult situations when people can’t make choice between something, they are choosing only| by their instincts and if they worked hard and learned a lot they know which decision to make, it all comes from experience.

In conclusion, some people believe that the only way to success is through hard work and luck has nothing to do with it. To a certain extent, I would agree with the statement, but some people are also succeeded to the factor of luck, therefore I think each people have their own way of life and we should not compare each individuals.