What’s better-to watch films at the cinema than at home on video.

Nowadays society is more modernized than it was some decades before. So now we are able to choose what we want most. You can decide what priority to take. As far as i’m considered film industry has increased and now there are two ways to watch films at the cinema or video.

For some of us cinema is the hobby which makes our life enjoyable. However it has advantages and disadvantages too. You can see the latest films at the cinema buut on the other hand people in the audience can be noisy. In addition cinema has become as a fashion. For instance, when all of the peers have seen the latest film i don’t doubt you would go to see it either. It’s often said what is interesting and up-to-date has a competition, so the tickets are rather expensive. Anyway cinema is an entertainment which has its minuses.

People have different cultural values, attitudes. Actually others don’t even have a pleasure too spend time at the cinema. In fact the film which is watched on video can be vollumed up or down, stopped and after a while person can carry on watching a lovely film. Although watching films at home an vi

ideo has many positive features, there are a number of points to bear in mind not to choose it. The quality is worse. The sound is weaker and the screen cannot be compared to the huge one at the cinema.

On balance then, i feel that i’m in favour of watching films at the cinema, but sometimes watching film at home is mre comfortable.

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