What kind of life can a child born in the year 2050 expect?

How will people feel in 2050? I think that life in that year will be very different from life that we live today. Everything will change – from transportation to music, from pollution to jobs…
Many people think, that pollution will decrease because scientists will invite enviromentally friendly cars and other machines. Cars won‘t run on petrol, they will run on sun-energy or hydrogen. What is more, many people are optimistic about the benefits of genetic ingeneering. They think that scientists will invent cure from many diseases, like AIDS and cancer. It would make the society much healthier. People may live longer. Also, home life will be better. Robots will be doing all the housework and we will be eating ready-made food. Many people think, that robots will do the most boring jobs, so we‘ll do more creative jobs. A lot of people think that space exploration will become very popular. Man will regularly visit Mars and maybe, other planets. Maybe we‘ll make a contact with aliens! Education will have changed a lot in 2050 too. Children will be using computers at schools, and certain abilities, such as mental arithmetic, won‘t be necessary. Even writing by hand will have become a thing of the past.
On the other hand, there are many pessimistic ideas. A lot of people say, that we‘ll cut all the rainforests down and there will be less fresh air. Many people think that, because of the pollution, that will increase, we will pay for fresh air just like we do now for fresh water! What is more, people will live in cities under the sea, because normal cities will have become too crowded. Because computers and robots will do most jobs, there will be fewer jobs for human. Unemployement will increase. Because of the high unemployement level, crime level will increase too. Many people will become outlaws.
In conclusion, whatever the future brings, I believe that life will be certainly very different from today in the year 2050.