Vampire Invasion

Michael Orwell looked out of the window of his farm, where he was spending his summer holidays. The weather was cold and foggy. Michael could not see, but felt, that it was something wrong with his stable. He put a hat on his head, opened the door and turned outside. Suddenly, through the thick fog, he saw that all stable’s doors and windows were opened.
In a cold sweat, Michael ran to his house and picked his grandpa’s double-barrelled rifle. He whipped outside and saw a mad cow running to him. He aimed and shot the target. Michael was alone in the farm, so he tried to call the police, but the mobile phone was off. So, he whistled his dog, named Oggy, and ran to the stable. He heard strange noises, like mooing and crying. All doors were opened, but, because of the fog, Michael could saw nothing. Oggy woofed and stroke to the stable. After a few seconds, he came back with two mad cows following him. “Damn dog!” – shouted Michael and shot both cows – “The most milky cow in my farm! What happened to them, huh?” – Michael looked at the dog. Oggy started to bark. “Shut up!” – yelled Michael and turned to the stable. Oggy tried to stop him, but Michael just kicked the dog out of his way. When he entered the stable, he saw his favourite horse, Blinky, running to him with shining red eyes spume running out of his mouth. “Damn, stinky Blinky!” – shouted Michael, madly shooting at his horse. Oggy ran to dead horse and woofed with relief. Suddenly, Michael saw some huge bats flying to him. He tried to shoot, but the gun was stuck. Bats flied to him and… said hello.. in human language. Michael was shocked. Oggy woofed and tried to attack bats, but one of them let a red ray from his eyes and killed Oggy.. so thought Michael. He started to shout, but one of the bats, maybe a leader of them said, that Oggy was just stunned for a few hours. “We come with peace,” – said another of them. Michael tried to say something, but he was so shocked and fazed, that he couldn’t. Then the bats turned to people with black clothes and two long teeth. “Hey, but you are vampires, and “We come with peace” is an alien phrase..” – thought Michael. “Yep, it’s an alien phrase,” – said one of the vampires – “And we can read your mind. But that doesn’t matter. Let me introduce myself. I’m Igor E. Lukovsky, the Prime Minister of Kansas’ Vampire Association, and you can call me just Mr. Lukovsky”. “That doesn’t matter too,” – said Michael with no fear – “Just tell me, what you have done with the cows and Blinky and, overall, what are you doing here, in MY farm, in MY stable!?”. “Quiet! I hate noise, and hey, have you eaten garlic today? I feel stink from your mouth. Kill him!” – said Mr. Lukovsky and turned to his partners vampires. “No, no, no!” – said Michael, – “Do not kill me! I just want to know what are you doing here, and, I have to say, that the garlic was very tasty..”. “OK, don’t kill him, but please, clear his stinky, yucky mouth! Vlad!” “Why me? Why me always do that work? Me hate it! Me do not clear mouth! Me do not want to!” – said Vlad, the other vampire, and started to cry. “Just do this! Or you’ll be killed!” – yelled Igor. “Yes, master, I do it! I do it now!” – said Vlad with fear and did yucky procedure – “He be clear, master!”. “OK, Vlad, you’re doing good work. I’ll upgrade you.” – said Igor E. Lukovsky with disgust – “Now, err..” “Michael, Michael Orwell” – introduced Michael. “Yes, Michael. You asked what are we doing here. You know, err…, no, you do not know. Our local Vampire Association is going to fail. The last attack against human was before twenty years, while California’s Vanpire Association has ten attacks a year. We HAVE to do something, and we are starting our night raids. So, congratulations, you are our first client, ha ha ha…” – told Igor with ugly laugh. “But WHY me? WHY? There are many other farms, and I have, err, I had only four cows and one horse, while others have hundreds of cows, horses, dogs and.. people.. And err.., Mr. Dracula, are you going to kill me?” – said Michael with terror in his eyes. “Ha ha ha, stop shivering. And don’t call me Dracula, that’s my grandfather’s best friend, but I am MR. LUKOVSKY, you hear me? IGOR E. LUKOVSKY!!! Ha, and you’re the first, because it’s the last day of your holiday. And we can’t let you go home alive. In fact, we’re going to kill you. Good night! Vlad!?”.
“Nooo..!” – yelled Michael and.. sat up in his bed. “Uhh… That was a dream. That was a horrible dream. Vampires, ha ha ha, who would believe that… Oggy!” – said Michael. “Oggy, come here!”. He saw his dog running to his bed. “Good doggy,” said Michael and looked out of the window. It was no fog, the sky was clear. Michael could saw the stars. “That’s the Great Bear” – he told to Oggy, “And that’s Saggittarius. Hey, and that’s, that’s, that’s a flock of bats! And they are flying to the stable! Oh no!” – Michael shouted. Oggy just woofed and went to sleep. “No, that can’t be true. That’s just a dream” – told Michael to himself and went to bed – “Sleep well, Oggy.” “Woof!”.