What kind of life can a child born in the year 2050 expect?

How will a child feel when he opens his eyes in the year 2050? I think life will be very different then. There will be many things that we can’t imagine now. In the future there will be many positive and of course negative things. The whole world will have experienced dramatical changes.

That child will be lucky. He will be living longer than we because of advanced science. But he has to take care of himself, the life won’t be as eaasy as it is now. There won’t be any delicious or healthy food. It will be genetically changed, people will be cooking just for fun.

Nowadays many people suffer from bad lives, unemployment. But in the year 2050 the life will be much easier in that sphere. There will be many jobs, which will be well paid, creative and mentally easy. People will be able to work at home with their computers. It will be fun to work because the most boring woorks will be done by our own robots.

The transport will be harmless. We will use solar-powered, computerized cars or huge space ships. With these means of transportation we will be able to travel very far away. People will spend their ho

olidays on other planets, they will be able to travel to the future or to the past.

But of course there will also be some negative things. We can say that the environment will be destroyed. There won’t be such wonderful things as huge green forests, wild animals or even fresh air! The air will be polluted, animals will be genetically changed, the forests will be virtual. We will have to pay for breathing clean air or clean water.

In these days everybody have many friends. We need them. It would be very boring to live without them. But in the future there will be no need to commune with people. Their best friends will be computers. Everybody will be making frriends through the internet, some of them will even get married through the internet.

The education will also be absolutely unimportant and unnecessary. Robots will do all hard jobs. In the year 2050 there won’t be any exams, children will be learning at home if they want to do that.

By the way I think that people won’t be living in normal houses, like we’re living now. The houses will be built under the sea because there won’t be enough space to build th
hem. Towns also might be flying or built under the ground. I think these places are the most unsuitable to set up a city, because children need space, fresh air and sun to grow healthy and strong.

In conclusion, whatever the future brings, I believe that children’s lives will certainly be very different in the year 2050. I hope he will be able to take care of himself and to grow honest, in spite of that life he will be living in the near future. Life, when all jobs are being done by computers and robots, when man’s mind is unnecessary.

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