What kind of life can a child born in the year 2050 expect

How will a child feel when he opens his eyes in the year 2050? I think life will be very different then. The world will have experienced dramatical changes. There will be a lot of pluses and minuses in the future life.

Everybody will be living longer. They will be healthier than we are now because of advanced science. Scientists will have found cure from diseases. It will be easier to treat patients because the hospitals will be better equipped, with more ne

ew and necessary medicines.

But on the other hand, the food won’t be very healthy or tasty. We will be eating ready-made, genetically changed food. People will be cooking just for fun.

I think that child will certainly have a good job. In the future there will be many good jobs. They will be mentally easy, very creative and well paid. People will be working at home, the robots will do the most boring jobs.

In the year 2050 people will be using public tr
ransport, solar-powered cars because this transport won’t pollute the air. Everybody will be able to travel to other planets on their holidays. They will be traveling to the past or to the future with spaceships.

I think that the most important mi
inus is that the air will be polluted. Scientists will have invented water and air purifying methods what means that in the world there won’t be any fresh water or air. We will be spending our free time in virtual forests, we won’t have to experience the real nature.

Children won’t have to go to school. They will be learning at home. Pupils will be contacting with their computers. The robots will be teachers. In the future there won’t be any exams because everybody will be very intelligent without hard studying.

People will be adapted to live alone with no human contact. They will be making friends, marrying through the internet. People will be able to contact telepathically, they won’t need telephones, bu
ut we can’t imagine our lives without them now.

In conclusion, whatever the future brings, I believe that children’s lives will certainly be very different in the year 2050. We are used to live our lives now, when we have to work hard everyday and it seems normal. To that child his life will be usual. He won’t have to work hard or worry about his health. His life will be quite easy.