What do think about the idiom that “clothes make the man”?

I think the idiom that “clothes make the man” is just half right.
First of all, our grandparents did’t have to rack their brains about the clothes. Then there were no fashion disigners or branded clothes shops. The vast majority of foretime people wore Traditional costumes or flaxen and knitted clothes which they usually made themselves.
Nowadys only a very few people like to wear their national costumes. This is usaually the preserve of the type of older people who favor foolk music events. In today fast moving world what one wears and when often depends on the job. For insatnce, computer programmers or advertising copywriters diplay their creativity and spontaneity with jeans and colorful t-shirts. But if you’re a member of Parliament or a banker, a suit with a tie is practically requirement. People,whose job is concerned with a daylight, and who we can watch on TV,as singers or presenters of television broadcasting,must look a treat. Usually all such people weear the clothes of famous fashion designers which are very expensive. But from the other said, irrespective of the elective post, all of us have a leisure time when we can wear whatever we want. Ones prefer fancy clothes and th

he others what is comfortable. We can see a lot of photos of tv stars or other famous persons in magazines or newspaper where they are photographed sectretly and wear jeans or slack spor suits. Then they look like every simple man in the street. So, in my opinion in people’s spare time “clothes do not make the the man”.
If we want to impress the emloyer, we must wear very neat and tidy clothes during the job interview. Unless your job requires you to wear a uniform, choosing clothing for work can be difficult. Either and In Some Lithuanian schools especially gymnasiums children have to wear uniforms. There are many advantages of wearing uniforms. To begin with, it is a good form of school discipline – it teaches pupils to wear formal outfits which can be important in future at work. Secondly, pupils don’t have to panic and wonder what to wear that day to school when they get up in the morning. Furthermore, uniforms are also a chance for poor children who don’t have enough money for fashionable clothes and they don’t feel worse than others who have better clothes. But there are disadvantages too. Firstly, uniforms can destroy ch
hildren’s personality . When they wear the same clothes as the others they become a part of a group of people who look exactly the same. Children want to show their character by their clothes, thay want to be individual and original, but with uniforms they can’t do it,they can’t show their world-seeing.

What is more, if the special occasion arises, we usually wear the finery clothes. Then everybody can try to show up of the crowd and feel like a star. I think that the most beautiful chance to do it is during the wedding-day. There is nothing more amazing than impressive wedding-dress. During the wedding not only the bride and bride groom but also and other guests wear exciting clothes.
To sum up, I strongly believe that dressing style depend on people’s age, character, mood, and setting. It extrenely important to children. We all know how important to be conspicuous when we are young!

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