What can we do to protect animals from becoming extinct

The awful truth is that many specines of animals are in danger of becoming extinct.In my opinio there are Severas solutions to the problem.
An effective solution is for the government to introduce harsher punishments for illegal hunters.As a result, it prevents poachers from killing animals
Another suggestion is to create special parks wherethese animals could live safely.Inaddition,the forests around the town should not be cut down so that animals don ot lose their natural habitats and could breed
Another way to protect annimals from becoming extinct is to forbid companies to test their products on anomals.AS a result, it helis endangered specines of animals to avoid the danger of becoming extinct.
Taking everything into account,perhaps the best solution to the promblem is to establish much more organisations which can pay more attention to rare species of animal which are at risk of extinction.

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